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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,300

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upChuck Toad says Biden takes COVID campaigning precautions too seriously



Toad says: " "Interesting when you look at both candidates in some ways one not taking the virus seriously enough at all, and one if there's a criticism is he taking it too seriously at least when it comes to campaigning?"

Toad the Disgrace demands more bodies to flog the horse race.

He is vile.

Not a Chance



For now, however, letís consider four issues that reveal gaps in our constitutional structure regarding presidential power and transparency.

Nope. No way. Not a chance. People want to enact these reforms, fine, do it on the next Reich Wing President. We get to use the Presidency for the advancement of Progressive Causes without the constraints Trump's actions created. The days of the Reich Wing running wild, followed by constraints (all the austerity crap) on Democrats will not fly.

SCOTUS Decision on Wisconsin


A divided Supreme Court said Monday that mail-in ballots in Wisconsin could be counted only if they are received by Election Day.

Any election experts out there? What does "received" mean? Is is the same as postmarked or is it a different standard?

Texas Governor Deploying National Guard Next Week


In a disturbing and possibly unprecedented move Republican Governor Greg Abbott will deploy 1000 National Guard troops into Texas cities for the presidential election next week.

Get ready for more of this from Reich Wing Governors.

The 3 Horseman of the Libertarian Apocalypse

are coming to Arizona.

Lee, Paul, and Gaetz.

We have enough Reich Wing Zombies.

Whereís a wall when you need one?

Utah, Kentucky, and Florida keep your Chump Zombies home. Please!

Now that Tea Party Meadows had said they've given up on controlling the virus

let's extend the logic:

We can't control the border so we need to give up on that wall.

We can't control women having control over their bodies so abortions should be protected.

We can't control men assaulting women so rapists should go free.

We can't control littering so people should just chuck their burger bags onto your yard.

I know, logic is not the hallmark of the Reich Wing.

Free media campaigning for Chump by the MSM

MSM-"fracking, Biden, oil, oh my."

The Virus is running wild and Pence is a one-man plague salting the country with Virus.

The horse race by the MSM continues.

Chump is broke and the MSM is picking up the slack.


Reminder about how the Reich Wing Changes the Rules When They Can't Win

Upsetting the balance of power screams the Reich Wing Zombies when Dems talk about changing SCOTUS. A little history reminder on the 22nd amendment. When the Reich Wing couldn't defeat Roosevelt they came up with the 22nd Amendment.



The blog post mentioned comments made by Republican presidential candidate Thomas Dewey in late October 1944 about a proposed presidential term limits amendment. President Roosevelt defeated Dewey for Rooseveltís fourth term in office in November 1944 but died shortly after his inauguration in 1945. Congress did not approve the 22nd Amendmentís language until 1947, and the states did not ratify the amendment until 1951.

AOC rightly commented on this.

Again, with feeling, fuck you Republicans.

No Way in Hell

Whenever I hear pundits talk about needed "reforms" to prevent another Trump I say fuck that.

You don't let a rogue, runaway Reich Wing President run wild, and then, clutching pearls all the way, hamstring the Democratic President with "reforms".

The Reich Wing brought this on.

I'm only interested in another word that starts with the letter "r"--Retribution.

Iran sent emails posing to be the Proud Boys. LMAO!!

The DNI is a partisan hack. Ratfuckcliff (DNI) mentioned Russia and moved immediately to Iran and said this information was designed to hurt Trump. All of this designed to knock Obama off the headlines. That's it.

Get ready for more of this.

Chump has mobilized the Federal Government to ratfuck the election. Make no mistake.
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