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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,314

Journal Archives

Reich Wing Josh

has now set the new standard. If your side gets votes, and loses, contest the election.

Currently picking out

what color cargo pants I will wear to the den for New Years Eve tomorrow.

Humor for the day

It seems there was a Dean at this college upset over the budget. An assistant came in to find out what was happening.

Dean: Why can't the philosophy department be more like the professors in the mathematics department.

Assistant: What do you mean?

Dean: All the math professors ask for are paper to write on, pencils to write with, and erasers to use when they make mistakes.

Assistant: So what's the problem?

Dean: The professors in the philosophy department are just as expensive and they don't even ask for erasers.

Shouldn't have to say this.

Here in AZ we are experiencing a 2 decade long mega draught. For the the love of Zeus donít wash your driveway with a hose.

Broom. Dust pan. Effort.



In the horrible, terrible year of 2020

a portion of this time is redeemed by throwing Trump out.

I try to recall this often.

While out attempting to run

I thought up this riddle.

Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Trump who?

About time you forgot that traitorous SOB.

Use only where directed. And safe.

Reform of pardons, norms, accepted practices, answers to subpoenas by Dems

Screw all that. Trump doesn't get to monkey the entire system, and then, the Reich Wing ensnares Biden and the WH in "reforms" brought on by the excesses of the Orange Baboon Ass.

Try out those reforms on any future Reich Wing Administration.

Retribution is a governing practice for the Dems now. Anything short of that is appeasement.

Evolution of Reich Wing Pol's Behavior

Itís the flu...hoax...masks are for wimps...I donít social distance...jam it up at parties...injecting bleach is the answer...pack those rallies...

Oh, 320,000 dead, pardon me, EXCUSE ME, I need that vaccine NOW.

Where was I, oh yeah, no check for you, and itís a hoax still.

I am attempting to improve my abysmal Crossword Puzzle skills

by purchasing a smarter pen. No pencil and eraser for me.

We'll see how it goes.
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