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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,294

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Old Saying IN AZ w/update

Whiskey is for drinking,

water is for fighting.

Update: bottom shelf whiskey is for hand sanitizing.

Overused phrase "The Perfect Storm," however

Here we are:

An illiterate anti-science dotard, overseeing the response to a highly contagious disease, utilizing an economic system that doesn't reward people for staying home while ill, whose chief concern is his golf game and reelection.

More like The Perfect Shit Storm.

Raygun blitzed Carter with images of gas lines in 1980

I hope the Dem ads show all lines of panicked buyers in stores in the US.

If the Orange Blob hears harrowing tales of the Spanish Flu he

will use it as a reason for more wall money.

Last year I coincidentally reread "The Plague" by Camus

Even given Camus' immense talent his exquisite existential tale could not have conceived of a Nation under threat by disease while being led by a failed game show host who believes science is a hoax or a liberal threat.

With the virus threatening the health of Americans Drumpt surely has this concern:

How do I lower my handicap this spring?

What's the over/under for how many times Astros players get HBP this season.

Up to today in spring training it has happened 7 times.

Well, let's see. There's about 20 preseason games and 162 regular season games.

I'll take the over at 182 times.

Pence the Dence is in charge of the US virus response and is already headed for trouble

I noted the lead scientist for the CDC is a woman.

Pious Pence can't meet with her without mommy's presence or approval.

Smart Speaker technology

Not that Smart. Mine still plays news clips of the Tangerine Fuhrer ranting.

I guess with all the cheating the Houston Astros did

it's appropriate their ballpark used to be called Enron Field.

I would normally post this in the baseball group but it seems reflective of our general times.
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