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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,296

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2 Million is the number to watch

Drumpt repeats the worst case death number is 2 million. He will claim victory if the death number comes to anything under this. Even though the number would have been fair lower had he acted 6 weeks ago.

Setting the bar so high he comes out looking like he accomplished something. Stupid media will fall for it.

W the total F

Drumpt just introduced the Pillow guy to save America and now the pillow guy is praising kissing Drumpt's ass to the sky.

We are totally fucked.

Monty Python on ludes couldn't have thought this shit up.

Old School POMCUS Stocks

POMCUS-Prepositioning Of Materiel Configured in Unit Sets)

During the Cold War unit sets of equipment were pre-positioned to that Divisions returning to the West Germany has ready sets of equipment that can be used immediately. That included command posts, tanks, artillery, engineering equipment, bridging units, helicopter strike units, artillery prepositioned, etc.

Given that Pandemics are coming more in the future these stocks should be located in anticipated hot spots. Where medical euipment is pre-positioned to be immediately available. Not a central location, but scattered around the nation, The equipment should be taken out once per year and trained with. Maitenance people should be hired to maintain the euipment in tip-top share.

You don't have to get ready if you stay ready.

Another reason the Babe was the greatest.

He beat the Spanish Flu--twice.


Just a reminder

Cursive is used only by criminals because it’s hard to trace.

By opening the economy up early General Stump for Brains is ordering

everyone out of the elderly care centers and hospitals and over the top to attack the virus to save the children, his children, that is.

To further emphasize the importance

social distancing I can’t stress enough the continued use of the Oxford comma.

Ease social distancing, open the economy

say the “pro-life” hypocrites.


10 years ago today

the ACÁ was signed by a real leader and President!

Given the fact

that MAGATS are impervious to reason, science, empathy or any basic sense of human kindness they have developed TURD Immunity.
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