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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,300

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I heard today there was going to a turtle race in Kentucky in honor of the not

running Kentucky Derby.

One of the entrants is named "Seattle Slow."

Baseball humor

A pitcher goes to the trainer and said, "My arm hurts."

Trainer: "You're fine."

Pitcher: "I want a second opinion."

Trainer: "Your change-up stinks."

When Martians land and start a

war Trump will blather Obama left our cupboards bare and we hand no flugel powered ray guns with special diamond, nuclear powered robots to combat them with.

Let's review shall we

The profit driven, just in time supply stocked health care system had no interesting having a surplus supply of anything to deal with a pandemic. That disastrous circumstance coincides with our misfortune of having a basic flat-earther as President who believes scientific facts can be changed based on political orientation. He is reinforced in this belief by 40% of the country who are death cultists who would burn the country down to "own the libs." His economic "bailout" is designed to payoff CEOs and other grifters at the expense of hourly wage earners who are facing an economic Waterloo.

I write these dismal words only to restate the obvious, and know that I'm speaking to the already converted.

Vote Blue in 2020 because your life does depend on it.

Kemp says let's open Georgia for business

but don't even think about coming to my house. Stay the fuck away.


Public Tours
**PUBLIC TOURS CANCELED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Out of an abundance of caution, we are temporarily canceling public tours until further notice to ensure the health and safety of Georgia families. https://gov.georgia.gov/news **

Classic Reich Wing. Only in your backyard.

A preview of what happens when MAGAT huffing Lysol COVIDIOTs

arrive to open Las Vegas.

Hey Mr. Fake Wartime President

When you go to war the government makes a decision about weapons systems so that every factory and state doesn't produce their own caliber or weapon design thereby greatly complicating logistical problems. Even NATO has figured this out across like 30 countries.

So,....one of the main fuckups with COVID testing is the practice of having so many commercial labs, hospitals, and states produce their own tests. That is a logistical nightmare. People have died as a result.

You could have used your power to authorize a single, well-designed system for all of the US. The WHO had one.

You didn't and graves keep filling up.

You are a vile, incompetent monster.

Maybe Netflix can start a new series called

Better Call Lysol.

Read today on the internets



Given Dump's internal medicine guidance

today I expect a run on bleach and black lights by
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