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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,300

Journal Archives

Astronauts should be grateful.

They are about as far away from Drumpt stench as possible.

The Wrong Stuff

Red Don anywhere near a space launch.

Public needs to know.

Why do those fake military, long-gun toting, camo sporting Reich Wing COVIDIOTs where face coverings to protest wearing masks?

Question is rhetorical only.

That is all.

Red Don tweets "Happy Memorial Day"

Ah, hell no.

A day for honor, for many to mourn, and just pay respect you draft dodging disgusting vile bag of treasonous pus.

What U.S. Grant reminds us.

The brilliance of Grant was his recognition that he had to win the war, and all Lee had to do was not lose it.

Drumpt is like Lee, he has essentially the solid Confederacy behind him. After that, he just needs to play defense and hold on to a bare electoral college he "won" in 2016. No expansion of the map for Red Don.

For Biden to win he will have to go on the offensive, in a large way, in the Blue states dems lost in 2016. I'm sure his strategists know this. He may have to expand the map to at least AZ. I read an analysis that if every state votes the same way, but Michigan and Pennsylvania goes blue, and Wisconsin still goes for Drumpt, we lose. Barely.

Lee had a tremendous advantage with interior lines of communication. Drumpt has a similar advantage: power of the pulpit, a sophisticated Facebook lying ad attack strategy, a SCOTUS in his back pocket, Faux News propaganda, voter suppression efforts, BS electoral college system, and Putin possibly changing votes.

Grant faced even more challenging odds in the summer of 1864. He was undaunted and ruthless in carrying out his strategy he knew to be correct. In Grant's immortal words," I propose to fight it out on this line, if it takes all summer."

Our Republic needed those words then in an actual war, and we need them now in the political fight of our lives.

Comparison of stats

Perfect games in MLB history-23

Unassisted Triple Plays-15.

Humor heard today

A very confident boy once asked an Amish girl out for a date.

She replied, "sure, call me."

Travel issue.

I heard a story today that one of the issues that may keep people from traveling are public bathrooms. High traffic area. Not cleaned well. Hand dryers blowing virus everywhere. Nightmare touch surfaces like door handles and faucets. Probably will require some careful thinking.

As a Nation as whole when was the last time we

were asked to make a sacrifice for anything? Even, inconvenienced. Maybe the draft in the 60s. For some. Maybe rationing in WW2. To a not insignificant degree we now are comprised of entitled whiners who believe their inconvenience equals discrimination or tyranny.

Give me Waffle House, or give me death.


First MLB player to hit 2 Grand Slams in a game.

Tony Lazzeri
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