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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,283

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With Arizona instituting its "Crisis Standard of Care" plan

it means triage of patients has been instituted. Death Panel Duzey's new plan.

As a former infantry soldier I always considered triaged care as a possibility as part of my chosen profession.

It just cranks me that incompetent Trump ass-kissing Duzey has led Arizona into this crisis. It didn't have to be so.

Can I just say that when we get the Senate the first thing we do

is add 2 or 3 seats to SCOTUS. Start with Mr. Garland. Nobody says it has to be 9.

How in the hell is "Dump My

Stocks" Burr doing any questioning about the pandemic.

Just another What the F... moment brought to you by the Reich Wing.

What's coming in Arizona

Watching Governor Trump Ass Kissing Duzey ongoing press conference he uses the term "Crisis Standard of Care." Orwellian language. What that means is our hospitals will be at capacity shortly, or even now.

What that means is doctors devising a point and color system as to who gets care. Ventilator roulette.

The Reich Wing has brought us the Death Panel in Arizona. That is the reality.

Do not get sick in Arizona.

Here in Arizona I want to thank all the non-mask wearing trump stooges

who know fill the hospitals to capacity. For those of us who have been scrupulous in precautions we now face the realization that if we contract COVID our bed will be in a SEARS tough shed with a brown paper bag as a ventilator.

Know this, even if I'm more wired up than Frankenstein on a 7 day meth rush I will be voting in November.

"All Roads Lead to Putin."

Speak the absolute truth Madame Speaker.

Forget designed hitter rule for the NL

With the COVID safety rules eliminating seeds and tobacco the league needs a designated spitter rule.

Drumpt stooges often use the phrase "something happened."

I've noticed whenever there is an explosion of COVID cases a Trump stooge says that 2 weeks ago "something happened."

Okkk. 3.5 years ago something happened.

A minority of the electorate comprised of bigots, dolts, anti-science anvil heads, card carrying Klan members, and misogynists elected a completely evil, corrupt, and Russian-owned dictator to the Presidency.

Drumpt's malfeasance, leading to the death of tens of thousands, holds no candle to the great

scandal of President Obama's administration.

The Tan Suit.

Right now on MSNBC my Rep. Gallegos is

crushing Governor Duzey and Heir Fuhrer.

Go Ruben!
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