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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,296

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Watching President Obama

was a gut punch reminder to how far the country has fallen.

New baseball math

Last night a Dodger hit a LEADOFF 2 run HR.

Is 2020 over yet?

Hey Reich Wing Gun Militia Members

You need to get rid of those bullet proof vests. Apparently, they cause bullet wounds.

Chump's Troop Withdrawal From Germany


Approximately 11,900 US troops, a mix of Army and Air Force units, will be removed from Germany to meet Trump's mandated cap of 25,000 US forces in Germany, according to a senior US defense official, a number higher than the figure of 9,500 that was used when the reduction was first announced.

Chump is the grift to Putin that keeps on grifting. As a matter of perspective when I was stationed in Germany in the late 70s the United States had 250,000 troops in Germany. Now 25,000. The point was it was much easier for Russia to reinforce it's forces in Europe then it was for us to bring back troops to Germany from the United States. Geography has not changed. Only now we have a traitor in the WH.

To paraphrase Congressional Democrat's response to Barr today:

(On November 3rd) I'm reclaiming my government. And Constitution.

Gym Jordan's disregard of committee rules is just another example

of why Biden should never agree to a debate with Chump.

Biden can't prepare for an opponent who will not abide by any set of rules.

The Judgey Librarian

Years ago when I went to my local branch of the library I struck up an acquaintance with a librarian. She was an excellent resource for all types of books, both non-fiction and fiction.

I knew our relationship had gotten comfortable when she would check out my books with such comments as: "excellent, read it, good choice, I'd pass, and that's trash."

Hopeful Reminder

As we watch the opening of MLB during this time of COVID remember, Babe Ruth beat the Spanish Flu. Twice.

Given the vital importance of mail in and absentee ballots

in the coming election, Dems need to know the Reich Wing is very aware of how effective the Brooks Brothers Riot was.

And be prepared to counter it.

AZ Democratic HQ Fire Phoenix

News reports now indicate arson.

Probably won't be the last.

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