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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,283

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Rancid Paul's experience after Shitler's speech the other night is

no different, in many cases less worse, than women experience trying to access medical care in a shortening list of clinics around the country.

His comments are garbage.

Strands of President Bleach's Fascist Grab for Power

*Delay and dismiss mail in ballots.

*Portray in every add Biden as "weak" and contrast it with "strength." A portion of America loves bullies.

*Continue to delay virus testing to create confusion and display fake COVID numbers.

*Hide Putin interference in the election from Congress.

*Create an emergency use authorization for a fake vaccine early enough to impact early ballots.

*Attend bigger and bigger rallies knowing the dumbass media will create the narrative of "opening up" of America.

*Continue to say Biden is in the basement.

*Barr will release a fake Hunter Biden report in October.

*Send law enforcement figures to the polls, especially in the cities.

*Press ahead with sending out phony and misleading voicemails concerning how to vote.

*Continue to stoke racial animus with the idea of enlarging his voter base.

I'm sure there others I'm missing.

Lesson from 2000 Election

The media loves to hang the label "sore loser" on whomever the election is not called for. If the election is close, declare victory, and let President Bleach get stuck with that label.

Falwell--The Immoral Majority's


Financial and Health Care Issue

After Tom Selleck scams you out of your house, what address do you use to have the "Pillow" guy send your medication?

Never mind. Mail delivery doesn't work anyway.

Humor Heard Today

A tourist is a real shark fan. He hires a tour boat operator to go out and locate sharks. When they arrive in the designated area to start looking the tourist asks the tour operator, "how about I give myself some shaving cuts and jump in the water as a way to attract sharks?"

The operators says: "Listen, chum...

With President Bleach's attack on the FDA yesterday any rushed

vaccine available in November should be called the TT Vaccine.

Trump Thalidomide.

American Deaths Per Day by COVID in Perspective

Right now Chump is killing around 1,000 Americans per day.

During the 1364 days America was engaged in WW2, on average, Americans killed in the war was 220 per day.

Chump's casualty rate is 5x that.

President Bleach is deadlier than our adversaries in WW2.

The Reich Wing is now shocked, shocked I tell you to

discover that children are at risk for food insecurity, drug addiction, physical abuse, sexual abuse, education gaps, and suicide. Their solution to these problems is to force children, not theirs, back to school so that potential death is a solution to these problems.

Vote these death mongers out.

This about sums it up.


When Donald Trump was elected, we cast our eyes variously up at the state and federal courts, at Congress, at lawyers, at the Women’s March, the Justice Department, Colin Kaepernick, the free press, Robert Mueller, the Parkland kids, Adam Schiff, the impeachment process, the street protests, the Senate Intelligence Committee report, the rule of law, Nancy Pelosi, the leaders of the military, Mary Trump, John Kelly, the tell-all memoir, and George Conway. Something would be the guardrail, the seawall, the savior. Something would be able to restore sanity. And yet, here we are, on the brink of another close election precisely because none of these checks have worked. Instead, we are realizing that the only entity that can possibly save us will be—if they can pull on their sneakers and pack a dinner—voters, voting by the millions, as they have never voted before.

All guardrails have failed. It is up to us to vote this this monster out. Nothing else has worked.
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