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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 9,302

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I recall once reading about the idea of the

"collective trance." That is best explained by the metaphor of a person being hit by a series of waves, but never seeing the ocean.

The MSM might want to study this idea.

Satire of MAGA Zombies and Chump Himself

Watching the movie”The Trial of the Chicago 7” I am reminded of Abbie Hoffman:

“Sacred cows make the tastiest hamburger.”

Nothing is off the table.

Hilarious New Billboard In Phoenix inspired by film "They Live"


If you have never seen the movie, here is a clip.

See Chump country for what it is.

Dead on and just righteous presentation of reality.

"They Live" is way to close to reality now.

Report from Maricopa County

On my run through the neighborhood this morning saw many, many Biden/Harris yard signs.

I saw one Chump sign.

Joe Morgan

I saw him first as a Houston Colt45 in 1964. A year before the Astrodome opened. He was the ultimate gamer and pro.

He was the greatest player I ever saw live.

He was the fundamental cog in The Big Red Machine, one the greatest gatherings of baseball talent ever.

Good-bye Joe. You were the greatest.

Block the Bridge Christie is the epitome of the Reich Wing

It's only a problem if it affects him.

With their slavish defilement to Trump's fake town hall counter programming it

proves that NBC stands for:




The Democratic Line of Attack

I hope the Dems continue to press the idea that Handmaiden Amy raised her hand and said pick me to overturn the ACA with the articles she wrote criticizing the ACA and Roberts.

Her comment that she was not aware, or barely aware, that Chump wanted to overturn the ACA is a blatant lie.

The Federalist Society would have fully informed her, if nothing else.

She will be a disaster on the court for 30 years.


There is now a kidnapping plot against the Governor of Virginia?

Judge Barrett said she writes her opinions from the viewpoint of the losing


OK. Here will be here judicial reasoning when she overturns the ACA.

"In striking down the ACA I considered all merits in the case. It is clear, that health care protection should not be afforded to moochers, non-believers, people who identify as LBGTQ, women in general, anyone with a pre-existing conditions, and anyone dumb enough to get COVID, the President excluded."

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