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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 10,527

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The Orange Voldemort is #1

Only President to:

Lose the popular vote and be impeached and not win a second term. The Triple Crown of loserdom.

Heard yesterday

The vaccine should be given in alphabetical order. That way Zuckerberg gets it last.

This probably falls more under the mathematics realm, but has a twisted

philosophical twist as well.

Remember, the only time nothing is a negative is the under the Christmas tree.

Humor for the day

A math teacher is fed up with the antics of her kids. She yells, " if I've told you n times to stop that, I've told you n+1 times."


We have about the highest infection rate in the country. So, naturally, a bunch of mask holes marched through a local mall carrying flags proclaiming their right to infect others.

Here we will placing the dead on the curb.

Humor for the night

On the day of the finals in biology the student arrives at the classroom. Upon arriving at the classroom he spies 10 stuttered birds layed out all covered except for for their legs.

The professor arrives and says, " your final is examine these specimens' legs and tell me what bird they belong to.

The student is immediately lost and disgusted. He studies the the leg for a while but gives up in complete disgust. He runs up the the professor and throws his exam book and pen at the professor and exclaims, "this exam is complete B.S." and storms away.

The professor, because of the size of the class, doesn't remember the name of the student and shouts, "who are you?"

The student turns around, pulls up his pant's legs and shouts, "you tell me you SOB."

Voldemort Cabinet Meeting Today?

Who’s there? Wiggly Man and cardboard cutouts. Oh. And Mr. COVID.

For Real

Apparently, this year, Santa is checking his list for mask or no mask


In the spirit of fake electors,

tomorrow I will go the local State Lottery Office and present my winning ticket. I am now writing the winning numbers on a Post-It.

I will color it Red, White, and Blue, official like you know.

While Chump is chasing electoral fantasies

we got internet Pearl Habored. Commerce, Treasury, and DHS hacked by the Russians.
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