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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 9,307

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So a CEO of the big bank goes

to Trump and says, "we loaned you all that money and your casinos went belly up." Trump says, "could have been worse." The banker than says "we gave you money and your airline was a disaster." Trump says, "could have been worse." Totally put out the banker says we gave you loans for Trump University and it failed." Trump says, "could have been worse."

The banker finally had had it and says," how could any of these situations been worse?"

Chump says, "well, it could have been my money."

Thus endeth the lesson.

A difference

National Emergency-the pandemic

National Disaster-Chump is still President.


“I don’t take responsibility for it at all.”

Recall that Reich Wing screed titled the "Flight 93 Election."

Hillary Clinton was anything but an emergency or a threat to the nation. Call the 2020 election the COVID-19 election. In reality, our country is like one big cruise ship and we have some manifestation of Captain Ahab and Mr. Magoo at the helm.

What's the suggested phrase or word for the

drinking game during Chump’s address tonight?

My vote is “closed the border.”

Or maybe “perfect.”

A man says to his psychiatrist, "help I'm addicted to Twitter!"

The psychiatrist replies, "sorry I don't follow you."

A good example to show MAGATs of social distancing is

the Orange Blob's inauguration "crowd."

Chump's and the Reich Wing pitiful response to the virus threat

validates their rallying cry for any societal problem, "no role for government."

Abundance of caution has been replaced by Chump's administration abundance of

sycophantic, anti-science caterwauling designed to salve the bloated ego of the Orange Fuhrer.

How many grammar Nazis does it take to change a lightbulb?


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