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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 9,311

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Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)

In the seat stealing schemes by the Reich Wing the armistice of not altering the numbering justices to SCOTUS has been obliterated. In political nuclear warfare speak, the Republicans launched a first strike and a second strike. The result is the ongoing decimation of progress legislation.

With respect to MAD, so far the only destruction we have assured has been our own. For the survival of progressive issues the Democrats must respond.

Oh Sure

Turtle won’t come out his shell to visit the WH COVID Outpost for 2 months, but Chump wants to be close enough to blow his fetid plague breath on VP Joe.


Steven King for the Win

He calls Mike Dunce “Lord of the Flies.”

My prediction is that Pence will ask Barr to arrest that offending

vector and require him to testifly.

Fly finds on home on

shit pile Pence. That fly was there long enough to take out a mortgage. Apparently the rate is good on odious, piles of shit.

"The Politics of Unreason"

“The market place was meant for honest,well-intentioned error which can then be sorted out; it was not meant for errors deliberately conceived with evil and hidden intent. Those who promulgate such errors destroy the innocent market place and do not deserve normal political rights...”

In light of Trumpism, I dug up my copy of this profound book written 50 years ago. The authors Lipsett and Raab saw Trump coming based on America’s past.

Recalling the great Bob Gibson, the only of the part the plate owned by the batter

was of the post-game crockery variety.

With a 4th person in the White House Press Secretary's Office

diagnosed with COVID it's apparent Dr. Atlas Frankenstein is lab testing his Herd Immunity Program in the White House.

It's clear from Chump's strutting and clucking last night

the category of suckers and losers has now been extended to anyone who has suffered and/or died from COVID.

After that Mussolini display,

please VP Biden, unleash the negative adds and never, ever let up.
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