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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 9,302

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You are getting played.

Just like in 2016 it's all Chump, all the time. Chump at Walter Reed is the new rally. You stand around to get ratings points and increase your revenue.

No discussion of: no follow-up on his appeal to the racists Proud Boys, no discussion of his out of control debate performance, zero coverage of McMasters information about Russian influence on Chump, and his bogus taxes, etc.

You continue to be the dogs that chase the stick. Chump tosses the stick and you follow. What a fucking joke.

Any updates from Chump's "doctors" will all be lies. When there is legitimate information (not from any Chump source) cover it, otherwise it's trash.

As the saying goes, there is no education in a second kick of a mule. A lesson not learned by the MSM.

In order for the Orange Shitgibbon to

to experience the full COVID ride, loss of job and home is required.

Vote the Shitgibbon out.

Robert Reich For The Win.

"Shh don't tell the Republicans, but at Walter Reed they have socialized medicine."

It is quite clear Chump couldn't protect his own residence,

why in the hell would anyone think he could protect the country?

Rhetorical only.

After the Chump diagnosis, out of respect, the Biden campaign should distance

themselves from politics for as much time as the Reich Wing did from politics after RBG's passing.

One potato, two potato,....times up.

Chump on the way to Walter Reed.


Chump's COVID diagnosis

means a pre-existing condition.

Maybe hes calling Roberts now.

Now that Chump has doused the entire Executive Branch, and he's in charge of

the COVID response, is like finding out your potential housekeeper is a bursting at the seams, newspaper, pet waste, and broke appliance hoarder.

VP Biden tests negative. YAY!

Just reported on MSNBC.

The MAGA-NO Line

Trump Zombies, even his staff, thought they were safe behind the MAGA-NO Line. A line built of ignorance, bluff, hubris, and willful disregard for science and the virus itself

As in 1940, a crumbling defense has no chance against a relentless and virulent enemy.
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