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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 9,311

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Chump on the way to Walter Reed.


Chump's COVID diagnosis

means a pre-existing condition.

Maybe he’s calling Roberts now.

Now that Chump has doused the entire Executive Branch, and he's in charge of

the COVID response, is like finding out your potential housekeeper is a bursting at the seams, newspaper, pet waste, and broke appliance hoarder.

VP Biden tests negative. YAY!

Just reported on MSNBC.

The MAGA-NO Line

Trump Zombies, even his staff, thought they were safe behind the MAGA-NO Line. A line built of ignorance, bluff, hubris, and willful disregard for science and the virus itself

As in 1940, a crumbling defense has no chance against a relentless and virulent enemy.

Recall that when he was told

Senate Romney was in isolation after possible exposure, Chump replied, “gee that’s too bad.”

I’ll borrow that response.

When the inevitable squawking by the

Reich Wing media begins about how the MSM lacks any empathy for Hair Fuhrer recall Faux News’ coverage of HRC’s pneumonia or Biden’s supposed decline.

Biden and the "pack" the court issue


Before the election no way
After the election, absolutely.

Rational: things change. Before the election the moon was not in the 7th house. Now, maybe it is.

Turtle Mitch rules now.

Watching Chris Wallace on the stage

reminded me of a classroom, on the day before summer break, being managed by a substitute teacher.

This old story came alive tonight.

Never try to play chess with a pigeon. The pigeon doesn’t care about the rules, will just knock the pieces over, shit on the board, and strut around like he won.
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