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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,283

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write my thank you notes.


Heard this is the 1st Christmas in 20 years

we are not at war.

6 January insurrectionists say what about us.

Why do ducks have feathers?

To cover up their butt quacks.

Yesterday at the airport

A putrid pile of Maskholes.

The only pitcher to strike out Ted Williams

3 times in a game is?

Jim Bunning.

Revile Shittenhouse

Coming to speak at some whacko MAGA event in Phoenix this weekend.

MAGA Event Stands for:





Hey Faux News

...but your emails.

Display of Outrage

When the Bush Mafia and Fat Tony and SCOTUS stole the 2000 election Dems were outraged and displayed this by:

Offering a gracious concession speech.

There's your Bothsiderism for the day.

That is all.

Mendacity Meadows

is an American Quisling.

Player who holds the record for driving in the largest share, by %, of his team's total runs in


Nate Colbert/SD/1972

22.7% of SD's runs were driven in by Nate.
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