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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 10,527

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The Past, the Present, and

the the Future walk into a bar.

It was tense.

LOL. Read today.

Funny play on one of my favorite groups from way back.

Oreo Speedwagon

"Cause I can't fight this filling anymore."

I figure about now anti-maskers

are howling in protest when stores requiring face coverage prevent MAGA from buying Halloween masks.

Fighting the last war.

History shows clearly the allies of WW1 prepared for WW2 by using outdated tactics and strategy learned in the Great War. There were signs the next war as going to be vastly different. The Spanish Civil War at the top of the list.

Ignorance of these changes lead to Blitzkrieg which overwhelmed the Allies and France fell in 40 days.

My concern is that Dems are fighting the last war. Mueller, Congress, the Courts are fighting the last war.

Blitzkrieg by Chump is now known: ignore court rulings, ignore subpoenas, threaten witnesses, payoff when you can't threaten, ignore Governmental norms, use the military as a prop, commit violence at political rallies, divert money from congressionally approved projects to corrupt political aims, intimidate the press, destroy the labor force, destroy relationships with allies, appoint judicial nominees with authoritarian leanings, and ally with foreign enemies.

"Strongman" takeover is very possible. I think DU followers are very aware of this.

I'm not sure about many others.

When Meadows and Bannon go to jail.

Last pitcher to both win and lose 20 games in a season was...

Joe Niekro



In looking at the howls by the Orange Blob's MAGA crew in Congress

concerning the 6 January attack it is mindful to recall this unfortunate fact. The Founding Fathers had thought up safeguards against a strongman takeover the government. Congress and the Courts could hold him back.

What the writers of the Constitution had not considered is one faction of the Republic (party and people) would throw in it's lot with the the would-be dictator.

Saw this clip here before but I post it again because LOL.

As the Orange Blob has drawn crowds who don't get out much

it seems this happened.

A MAGA called down to the front desk of his hotel and screamed, "help, I'm trapped in my room!"

The hotel clerk asked, "what do you mean trapped?"

MAGA says, " I see three doors, the first one opens to a closet, the second to the bathroom, and the third door has a "Do not disturb sign hanging from it."

OK--a joke.

Perhaps plausible? Yes.

Memory of General Powell

In the middle 80s I was an infantry Captain serving in Germany. One day I was standing in line at the Commissary when General Powell came up behind me in line. At the time I believe he was 5th Corp Commanderó3 Star General.

I recall conversation because I didnít expect him to strike up a conversation with me. He did. I was struck by how personable he was and new much about my unit. My unit was just one of many, many, he commanded.

He had that command presence that few I ever encountered had.

RIP General Powell.

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