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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,306

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From the most desperate comes the most kindness.

I was out doing support (basic living items) for the Unsheltered today. We encouraged folks coming through to take all they needed. One man, who appeared to be in desperate shape, said, "no I don't need that much, I want to make there is plenty for people coming after me."

From the poorest emerges the most kindness.


Plan on destroying the virtual world while presently wrecking the real one

We need Batman.

Driving is just great.

Soooo, I was driving on my residential street being tailgated by a fire engine red Porsche.

I didnít move right because I knew what was ahead, Mr. Porsche didnít. He zoomed around the right and almost crashed into substantial road closure materials (no workers).

I zoomed past him as he stopped inches from the barrels.

I believe my Prius was snickering.

Auf Deutsch.

Heard Today. LOL.

If Zuckerberg had just Meta girl in High School he wouldnít be ruining the world today.

As Progressives fight to get the BBB plan passed one of the obstacles

they face is Sinnemancha might calculate that passing nothing at all plays better with their voters than passing both bills.
Sinnemancha might be wrong in this thinking, but they could be considering it.

That's about right. Unfortunately.

My wife noticed a gentlemen who walks at the same time everyday. She noted today he wasn't out on his walk and she asked him why?

He said he's not walking because his Fitbit isn't working.

We remain, in fact, screwed.

Another record that will never be broken

Difference in HRS for a season between the leader and the runner-up.

Leader Babe Ruth 54. Runner-up George Sisler 19.

Difference 35.


The Past, the Present, and

the the Future walk into a bar.

It was tense.

LOL. Read today.

Funny play on one of my favorite groups from way back.

Oreo Speedwagon

"Cause I can't fight this filling anymore."

I figure about now anti-maskers

are howling in protest when stores requiring face coverage prevent MAGA from buying Halloween masks.
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