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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,312

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A different beginning of the season

Three of my baseball heroes died this past year. Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, and Joe Morgan. I begin this season remembering how great they were and how I won't see their kind again.

You know the situation where

a guy steps on a rake and it whacks him in the face. And, in Looney Tunes style, steps back and steps on it again in a repeat performance.

Those are the CPAC attendees over the years.

Avoid the News Weekend

The Rover could discover an IHOP on Mars and Biden could cure cancer on Sunday, yet the addicted M$M would still splash Chump's speech on Sunday everywhere.

Triumph of the Swill.

A gold Statue of Agolf Twitler.

I fear not even Borat would have included this in a bit. Too far out there.

Whenever there is "Royal Family" Reports in the media

I'm reminded once again of the greatest scam in human history. That is, convincing people one family's heritage, lineage, blood, whatever you like, is so special (derived from God, WTF) they are deemed to rule over everyone else. And many people accept this BS.

The flimflam continues.

My "Unity" Contribution

Today I will be sporting my new shirt. On it is a picture of MAGA Idiot Governor Duzzey (AZ) with the word "Pendejo" below it.

My daughter was raised to take

no disrespect from anyone and protect those who can't protect themselves. Yesterday, she saw a shady guy pull up next to a young teenage girl. This guy in a truck appeared to make this girl very uncomfortable. My daughter got out of her car and got immediately in this guy face and asked him what his business was. The teenager said this grown man was asking her if she had a "boyfriend." My daughter began telling this guy off and he immediately bolted out of there. My daughter stayed with this teenager until her father showed.

I have a Warrior Daughter who takes shit from no one. Ever.

Maricopa County Election Audit Completed


The results of Maricopa County's independent audit of 2020 election results are in.

The verdict: The election was sound.

Maricopa County on Tuesday released the results of election audits from two independent auditors it hired to verify that voting machines were not hacked, were not connected to the internet and counted votes properly during the 2020 general election.

These welcome results will be welcomed by the Reich Wing in the AZ Senate as further evidence the election was stolen.

Proven Again

Dianne's death in France two decades ago, and Tiger Woods' car crash yesterday, proves the combination of a car accident, mixed with celebrity, remains the Holy Grail of the MSM.

President Joe

Manchin? Just wondering.

No on cabinet nominees, no on minimum wage, no on filibuster reform.

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