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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,283

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Update of phrase

"You can't fix stupid."

You can't vaccinate stupid either.

Florida Man Grungy Gaetz is

representative of the Epstein/Trump Wing of the Republicans.

Ahh Yes-that phrase has returned

The corrupt M$M returns to a phrase it never applies to Reich Wing tax cuts, but always applies to Democratic proposals.


Predictable and disgusting.

What happened?

I thought Agolf Twitler's love letters to Penpal Kim got rid of the NK's nuclear program?

When I was in HS I played against David Clyde.

He was drafted#1 in all of baseball by the Texas Rangers straight out of HS (Houston, Westchester HS) in 1973. I remember his elegant motion and left handed delivery.

What I remember most was his curveball broke so hard it seemed to make a hissing sound.

Almost 50 years later I can still hear it.

LOL. Truth telling heard yesterday

Idiots wanting to open the country immediately are these people. They are like folks standing in the window a high rise with a room engulfed in flames. As they watch the fireman climb toward them on a ladder these idiots shout "hurry up you aren't going fast enough." And then these COVIDIOTS jump out of the window.

It's really simple

Democratic voters around the country followed election rules and laws, often designed by Reich Wing legislatures, and won anyway.

The Rethug response was to say THEIR own created rules didn't "safeguard" the election.

Now, they change the rules again.

Expect more of the same without HR1.

I recall an argument about culpability that maybe could be applied

against Chauvin.

"If not for______ Mr. Floyd would be alive today.

That blank is Chauvin.

Not anything else.

Read on the

tweet er net.

Cancun Kruz and other Reich Wing Clowns on the MG Patrol Boat in Texas were called:

"Full Metal Jackasses"

Cancun Cruz and fellow Reich Wing Senators on boat armed with MGs looks

like a barge full of Thurston Howell IIIs.

Not a Professor to be found.
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