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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,081

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I just saw a cartoon that may apply.

Figure 1 voice: Are you coming to bed?

Figure 2 Seated at computer: Not right now.

Figure 1 Voice: Why not?

Figure 2 seated at computer: Someone is wrong on the internet.


Funnyman Ron White once said

there are two levels of National Emergency Warnings: find a helmet and put on a helmet.

6 January reeks of the second for our country.

On Father's Day I was thrilled with the

card my daughter gave me. I spent many hours coaching her in baseball and softball. The card she gave me read "Hey Dad Let's Play Catch."

I grew a little "Field of Dreams" misty eyed and then I read the inside.

"Throw me your wallet."

Cue the slide trombone. Whomp Whomp!!

Dad Joke for Father's Day

You need a groaner for Father's Day!!

How do you follow Will Smith in the snow.

You follow the the Fresh Prince.

Happy Father's Day DU!

Read today.

Don't try and make nice, or placate disreputable or, worse, evil people.

You can't put a flower in an a...hole and call it a vase.


Appropriate Word

The smoke screening, and outright flimflammery, of the Reich Wing to describe the 6 January insurrection is perfectly captured in the word whitewash.

If I cared what the Reich Wing thought of the summit I'll save time and just

read Putin's remarks.

Dbacks 2 games away from tying (modern)

all-time record for consecutive road losses. 22.

The Public Option and Extended Unemployment Benefits

Recalling the tooth and nail fight over the Public Option during the Obamacare debate it brings to light the motivations to end the Extended Unemployment Benefits. Reich Wing rip-off business owners know they can't compete by offering a living wage or an insurance plan that doesn't impoverish its customers without cutting back on their profits.

So, they get Trumpist Red State governors or legislators to force people back to poverty wages and eliminate the Public Option as a customer choice.

Only 2 pitchers in the HOF have losing records.

Rollie Fingers and Bruce Sutter.
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