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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,301

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MAGA Outrage

I was in a head on crash at 50 MPH and despite seatbelts, front airbags, side air curtain airbags, padded dashboard, automatic braking, lane awareness signaling, and automatic signaling to ambulance when in a collision my nails were damaged.

These supposed safety systems are a scam.

Reich Wing Infrastructure

Shovel Ready Projects.

Graves for all the people they killed with COVID.

My response to the anti-vac Pro-Free-dumm argument

You are standing at a busy road intersection with traffic speeding by. No one says you have to wait for a walk sign. You have opportunity to walk into traffic anytime your MAGA heart desires, so do so, and yell Free-dumb!!

MAGAT heads are exploding because the NFL plans on having the song

"Lift Every Voice and Sing" played before games this year.

It's not right and non-american (or something like that) they lament as they hurl their screed from behind a curtain of Confederate Flags.

Now that the AZ Fraudit has found nothing now they are subpoenaing

routers, passwords, and signed ballot envelopes from Maricopa County.

In addition, they are requesting all next week's winning lottery numbers, the archive carton number containing the Arc of the Covenant, the location of Superman's hideaway, the location of Batman's signal mirror, the key to interpreting the lyrics of Louie-Louie, and the safehouse where Bruce Lee and Elvis live. Standby for updates.

Whenever I watch MAGATs wildly swinging from one crazy conspiracy to another

I picture that person who keeps stepping on a rake and can't seem to break the wonking cycle.

2 Players who played 4 different positions in the World Series during their career.

Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth.

There are others as well.

Pete Rose I think.

Explanation for unvax MAGA World

Virus=a roaring blaze.

You=kerosene soaked kindling.

What do Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh have in common?

Same middle name.

Perry Mason and Ironside Actor Raymond Burr had a brother named


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