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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,090

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Apparently the Reich Wing complained yesterday

we left Afghanistan a day early.

Time Zones.

It’s a thing.

Not that I expect any better, but the

NBC nightly news script said "the pandemic is pushing hospitals to the brink."

Wrong, wrong, and beyond wrong.

Hospitals are pushed to the brink by MAGA anti-vax morons.


Get it right.

Probably not.

Infantry Company at Checkpoint Charlie.

Once, in the late 70s, I was taking an infantry company across CP Charlie to visit East Berlin. We were awaiting clearance in our bus on the American side when a bus carrying French soldiers pulled up also waiting to cross at the Checkpoint.

As we waited a French Soldier took his window down and motioned for the American GI to to the same. The French Soldier asked "are you American Soldiers?"

The GI said "yes we are."

The French Troop asked, "do you speak French?"

The GI, said "yes I do,...Malibu Chevrolet motherfucker."

Soldiers are the best diplomats.

I read this on Twitter.

Brett Meiselas wrote:

That people taking the horse dewormer should be called neigh sayers.

How about apply the famous

“Moral Hazard” argument against MAGASTAN. The Reich Wing is always willing to use the MH reasoning against any public subsidy to help the less fortunate.

Simple, refuse the vaccination, you cost more, you pay more.

Reich Wing SCOTUS ruling against President Joe's moratorium on evictions is a

reminder that, unless Progressives manage to add to seats, every piece of Democratic Legislation will be vetoed.

This was always the ultimate plan by the Reich Wing.

Sale Joins Koufax with 3rd Immaculate Inning.


Be prepared for this play by the MSM and Reich Wing.

Count on this. The day the Americans leave Afghanistan the media will locate someone who wanted out, but didn't. This will begin the "Jimmy Carterization" of President Joe. The number of days countdown the "hostages" are being held will appear on MSM TV shows.

The Reich Wing will say if you elect me I will get them out.

Worked for that Iran deal-making scumbag Raygun.

Prepare for a replay.

What Major Leaguers Would Change About the Game

Interesting Read.


Currently looking for MSM posts showing

outrage when Chump abandoned the Kurds. Also for how many Chump airlifted out.

The crickets have assembled.
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