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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 11,060

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Watching Press Conference: "Barricade Situation"

He's actually referring to blocking out any information that explains the police "response."

Thanks for clarifying.

The other day, after a lab test, I received the test result back. Maybe it was written by a bot. The message was written in a way that made it ambiguous as to whether I had cancer.

Some hours later, the doc, seeing the unusual wording of the message sent a message saying you definitely don't have cancer.

I'm going to fix this problem, not by adjusting any health habits, but rather changing my email address.

As Senator Collins is part of some group debating gun reform

it is more likely she will favor banning chalk.


Cancun Cruz says now is not the time to politicize the gun issue.

...as he prepares to speak at the NRA convention.

He is a bloviating, miserable pile of offal.

Venn Diagram for commonality in shootings USA

Draw one for mass shootings over the past, at least 20 years, and it will look like a manhole cover. A single circle.

Label it "High Capacity Firing Weapon."

Single factor analysis. They are rare, but sometimes they are obvious.

Vile MAGA Queen Boebert says you can't

"legislate away evil."

Actually I want to vote out evil legislators.

Cancun Cruz and Gov NRAbbott are outraged

…at Beto.

In a country where politicians don't like the

gubmint checking on your purchases isn't there a lot of hoop jumping and signing to buy a box of Sudafed?

I think buying ammo there is no register like for Sudafed.

I don't need either, but I hear things.

Just asking questions, you know.

Fortify the walls, bar up the windows, get more guards, arm the teachers, limit access...

MAGA Maginot line.

Vile, idiots.

Warning Time.

In the service I was in a front line Infantry Battalion in Europe. Our reaction time to be loaded on our armored personal vehicles/tanks was 1 hour from wherever we lived in the barracks, or the community.

1 hour.

Our schools, shopping malls, churches have no warning time, and no defense.

Folks should realize they are at risk at any location in their community.

No 1 hour warning time.

Demand change.
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