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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,312

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Answer to Both Siderists.

Folks banging pots and pans in MAGA politician and jurists neighborhoods is not the same as a hammer attack.

One is PROTEST, the other is violence.

Edward R. Murrow

Saw MAGA coming.

"Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions."

Prescient indeed.

"The hold your coat guy" is the

Stochastic Terrorist. He's the guy who whispers in the ear of the person, vulnerable to lies, to assault the "other."

He's happy to hold that guys coat. And then say "who me?"

Once a man was seen standing

on one leg at an ATM machine.

When asked what he was doing, the man replied, "checking my balance."

"The Pope At War."

Account of Pope Pius XII during WW2.

Newly opened archives.


Author: David Kertzer

Pulitzer Winner for "The Pope and Mussolini."

AZ MAGA Judge says armed zealots lurking around

ballot drop boxes is A-OK. (Decision is being appealed.)

My guess is that if armed folks, not white, were doing the same, a tactical team would have been called out, and legalities sorted out much, much later.


Once there was a man out

for a walk. As he gazed at the lovely sunset he stumbled into a bramble. In that bramble was poison ivy and a few 4 leaf clovers. As he was helped out this predicament by neighbors he was all smiles. The neighbors asked why he was in such good humor?

He replied, "I'm in for a rash of good luck of course!"

The attack on the Pelosi family

was an attempted assassination of the person 2nd in line to the Presidency. She just wasn’t home for the attempt.

Probably Happened. A little humor.

So it seems one day that Steve "5 Shirts Bannon" met his demise in a house fire. The blaze was so bad he couldn't be recognized. Seeing this, the coroner called over his 2 buddies Mark Meadows and Stephen Miller to identify him.

So Meadows and Miller arrive at the coroners and look at the body. They still can't identify him. So they ask the coroner to turn him over on his stomach. The coroner, surprised, does so, and these 2 immediately say it's definitely not him. The coroner asks, how do you know. They say well Bannon had a peculiar physical defect.

The coroner asks, "what kind of defect. The two say in unison, "he had 2 assholes." The coroner says, "2 assholes, that seems unlikely." "Are you CERTAIN he had 2 assholes?"

Meadow and Miller say, "well we actually haven't seen them, but ever since we were in the Whitehouse people have always said:

"Look here comes Bannon with the 2 assholes."

When the Astros and Phillies line up Friday

it will be the 1st time, since 1950, neither team will have a African American player.

* The Astros Manager and 3rd Base Coach are African Americans.

Note for history.
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