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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,493

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AZ and the Southwest Faces an Existential Water Crisis

Guv Doozey of AZ responds by recommending everyone read "Like Water for Chocolate" as a solution.

Then he countermands that order by remembering that book is banned, somewhere.

Read today LOL.

A guy is driving an older model car. He goes to the mechanic and says his phone charger in the car doesn’t work.

This verbiage was followed by a photo of his phone jammed into the slot of a cassette player.

Boeing regrets Deal with the Tangerine Duce.


Boeing's CEO on Wednesday called the unusual deal his predecessor negotiated with then-President Donald Trump for the next generation of Air Force One a one-off that he hopes not to repeat.

Hey Boeing, next time just negotiate with Mr. Haney from Green Acres fame. You will get a better deal.

Bogus Ninjas Election "integrity"

inspectors wanted to audit the French Election.

Apparently someone sent them a drawing of the guillotine and they passed on the opportunity.

Sarcasm. Maybe.

Judge declares Perjury Traitor Green a

witless hostile.

Sorry hostile witness.

My bad.

If MAGA Traitor Green gets charged

she fears the Gazpacho showing up at her door.

Read LOL MAGA Traitor Green

MTG thought she was taking an Oaf of Office. So, no violation.

About right.

Now that "Judge Unqualified MAGA" in Florida has discounted science and rid of

us of those pesky masks, she is now considering a ruling that would eliminate seatbelt laws because mass and inertia are tricks of the devil designed to restrain you from praying and driving at the same time.

Sarcasm. I think.

What's the over/under

on how many times MAGA Taylor Gangrene says “I don’t recall” during her under oath deposition tomorrow?

Is Googolplex still a thing? I’ll take the over.

I have a special system for Crosswords.

I have been highly successful at puzzles when I determined that I have to get right either the ACROSS or the DOWN clues. Not both. For the one I chose to ignore, I create ingenious new words.

I zippptzty trew thm nowk.

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