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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,312

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Tony Oliva Induction to HOF.

I learned he was the first player in either league to win batting titles in his first 2 years.


Whenever Rethugs talk about having "skin in the game" I'm reminded of this.

Once a pig and a chicken were asked if they wanted ham and eggs for breakfast. The pig said no. The chicken said yes.

The chicken asked the pig why he was against it and the pig said because, to have that breakfast I'm required to give up a leg, you only have to give up an egg.

That would be Rethug "skin in the game," or their idea of shared sacrifice.

Life Saving Technology. Incredible.

A friend of mine passed out and fell head first onto the floor and suffered terrible injuries. As he lives alone what he remembers waking up on an ambulance gurney.

How did that happen? After he fell, his Apple Watch signaled him and asked he if had fallen. He didn't respond. The watch then called his daughter in another state to notify her. I was unclear if she called 911 or the watch did automatically, either way, incredible.

Without this he surely would have died.

Maybe another

courtesy and thumbs down.


Still, one person who spoke to Sinema described her as “frustrated” at not being looped in, while another person who talked to her said she was “totally shocked.” And Republicans think she’s their only chance at stopping the deal.

I've learned you truly learn the value of

every drop of water when you have to carry it.

Thought for the Day

"The opposite of despair is not hope. It's struggle."

Warsaw Ghetto uprising leader Mordechai Anieiewicz

Media Fail

After the Chump blockade of NEVER admitting they were wrong about anything, ever, the media is trying to recoup.

How, by relentlessly asking Biden officials: apologize for the Afghanistan, why didn't you see inflation coming, didn't you miscalculate Putin's goals, why can't you get anything through the Senate, isn't your border policy failing, and crowning achievement, there were way more questions about Biden's diagnosis of COVID then was ever asked of the Bloated Orange Tick.

The media is failing democracy.


Be like Officer Eugene, not Poltroon Hawley.

Sorry to be impolite, but I wonder if you

experience an intestinal emergency at the dinner table you can excuse yourself by saying you have the "Hawleys."

Internets win again.

Where does Hawley do his shopping?

At the flee market!

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