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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,285

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Just wanted to see if there is any truth to the rumor

that the lock securing the room where TS/SCI documents were kept by the Orange Bag of Traitorous Guts was opened by a key identified by having a hub cap attached to it.


I think.

BTW. If so, my local Sinclair Station has the same key security.

Easy way to convert your sofa to a bed. Life hack.

Tell your wife to calm down.

Never tried this.


There was a time when I handled

Top Secret documents. The rule was simple if you lost positive, regulatory control over a document, it was ASSUMED to have been compromised, and your ass was court-martialed grass.

Quite simple, really.

So I was sitting in the hospital with my wife as she waited for a procedure to be done.

The TV was on Faux News spewing about not paying money back. There was another couple paying close attention to these clowns. I stood up and announced, "my wife is here for pain relief, not pain infliction." I then rolled her chair way. The Zombie Couple was not amused.

They were probably thinking, pain relief, just use leeches.

Fuck them.

Listening to the jackasses braying

about how they never got any help from the gubmint reminded we live in a

Zero/Dumb Society.

Graphic Seen Today

A file folder label Top Secret. Careening off the side of the official label is a balloon (hurricane inspired) sharpie scribbled graphic that reads, "Not."

About right.

Sarcasm. Maybe not

So my wife was watching this pop singer who had a back up band, including

a cellist. My wife noted the cellist wasn't very involved in the music.

I said you know, there's always room for cello.

She left the room.

Horror Movie Reliable

You know the one where the person has gotten away with it, and then the hand reaches up from the grave and grabs them.

That's Cheney reaching out about now.

The Bloated Bag of Vile requests the affidavit be released.


Find out who's talking and who will talk.

Sic the mob on them and intimidate the investigation out of existence.

MAGA Mafia.

Hello RICO, are you listening?

The Bloated Tick's implied encouragement for violence is nothing more than

his version of the "heckler's veto."

The DOJ should take the position that calls for violence should increase the chances for prosecution, not decrease it.
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