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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,312

Journal Archives

Phony Soprano will get his Passport


Make sure you get the one from Dumbfuckistan.

Gold plated bathroom fixtures

and ill gotten gains. Looks like those photos Saddam Hussein’s house.

Except Saddam had better taste.

With the recent death of FBI Traitor Hansen

Supermax Florence has an open cell. They will keep the searchlight on for you…Chump.

Leaving boxes of highly classified material

in the crapper. How Charmin.

If John Dean was a Atomic Bomb

Lawyer Corcoran is a Hydrogen Bomb.

CNN discussion nails it.


Making Attorneys Get Attorneys.

My burning question.

How do you fling the ketchup while shackled with handcuffs and a belly chain?

Sarcasm, but hopefully not.

So Phony Soprano is in Bedwetterminster.

In Jersey I predict a run on Depends.

Useful FB innovation

Show mutual blocks instead of mutual friends.

So you can say “I hate that MAGA asscrack too.”

Heard on Keith O.

Something like “Jack Smith isn’t leaking, but Trump’s pool is.”

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