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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,496

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Singing in the shower is all fun and games

until you get shampoo in your mouth.

Then it becomes a soap opera.

President Joe

“Don’t compare me to the All-Mighty, compare me to the alternative.”


Beneficial to remember.

1. People can change.

2. You can’t change them.

I heard some aquatic mammals escaped from the zoo.

It was otter chaos.

In my mind I had to review my combat in cities training from my infantry days as I

helped deliver flyers to houses for my granddaughter's sale.

So screwed is our country.

Thanks MAGA.

In honor of MAGA Debt Ceiling terrorists I will use their

example to tear up further credit bills until they raise my credit limit.

MAGA Zombies never change even if given clear, rational facts.

As George Carlin said:

I put a dollar in the change machine and nothing changed.

RuPaul speaks truth.

“We’re all born naked, and the rest is drag.”

Looking at the piece of crap bill MAGA Kevin passed out of the house (by 2 votes), with all

the punish the less well off provisions, it reminds me of:

The brother-in-law, who having borrowed your car, pulls into the driveway jumps out and tosses you the keys. Upon closer inspection, you notice the tires are bald, headlights broken, the transmission is leaking, no gas in the tank, windshield is cracked, and the interior smells like Beef Jerky farts.

You say, what the hell did you do to my car? He says, I got it back to you. Now it's your problem.

No reason to negotiate with MAGA Debt Ceiling Terrorists

Even if President Joe were to find some agreement with MAGA Kevin, probably an impossibility, there is no chance the Trumplicans in the House would actually vote for anything Biden has signed off on.

President Joe should recognize the MAGA Debt ceiling terrorists are going to shift the goalposts until we are off the fiscal cliff.

Sad, but that's the way it will probably go.
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