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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,496

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MAGA SCOTUS Financial Aid Decision explains why I

have always said math makes no sense.

As we can calculate now, 6 is greater than 43 million.


Women F off, People of color that goes for you too, LGBTQ double for you, unions get lost, and students sinking in debt, pay up.

However, religious shirkers who want you to work overtime in their place, and business parasites draining students: we got your back.

My less than expert legal analysis.

Number of Perfectos 24. Number of

unassisted triple plays: 15.

Marge 3 Names and Funding. Against it, now I'm for it. Sort of.

Good for the WH to call out this BS.


The White House is picking a fight with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) after her hometown newspaper in Floyd County touted federal public safety grants the area was set to receive through the American Rescue Plan.

Greene, along with every other House Republican, voted against the American Rescue Plan in March 2021.

She's vile trash.

Worth Seeing Again Johnny Carson

Watching Phony Soprano go through his evolving series of ridiculous lies concerning the documents it's a reminder Johnny Carson saw him coming.

My Ted Lasso Moment

In the mountains of AZ people die regularly from heat related causes.

Today I passed a couple going up while I was descending. Already hot. The woman seemed to be struggling a bit. I told them how much further they had to go. She had no visible water bottle. He had an inadequate one.

Why Ted Lasso? He had on a giant TRUMP hat. I offered her my water. They declined. Before they took off I told them I was a dem and in the mountains we work together no matter what.

He seemed surprised.

My new mantra, be more like Ted Lasso, not Ted Bundy.

Thankful everyday

for clean water.

This megadrought makes me even more so.

Once Jerry Falwell heard of a spiritual sect living near his MAGA campus practicing a different

type of spirituality. Falwell, wanting them out of his community. But, being the benevolent despot said he would debate the leader of this community, and if that leader bested him, he wouldn't drive them out.

Well, this community got together, but being of humble nature no one wanted to step into the breach to debate this despot. Finally, after a meeting, the janitor agreed to do it.

On the appointed day, in front of the Liberty University Crowd, the debate began. Falwell began by pointing at the sky, the janitor responded by pointing at the ground. Falwell, taken back, pointed his finger at the janitor, and the janitor pointed back with three fingers. Looking astounded Falwell pulled an apple from his pocket and the janitor pulled a PBJ from his. Falwell, stood back and declared, "this man has bested me, they are welcome in the community."

When the janitor returned to his community, they asked, "how did you do it?" He responded, "when Falwell pointed at the sky to remind me of God in heaven, I responded by pointing at the ground telling him the reign of the devil on earth." "When he pointed the finger at me to cast us out, I responded with 3 fingers to curse them 3 times." Hearing this the community applauded.

Finally, "when Falwell pulled out an apple, I puled out my lunch."

Hunter Biden. LOL.

As I recall Jarod Kushner, the Real Dim Shady, and his Slim Suit Gang, hijacked the supply process for COVID supplies and likely contributed to the death of thousands. Maybe tens of thousands.

True blood money.

In the horrific chance some MAGA President gets to put forth

another SCOTUS nominee it should be required this person appear with their matched billionaire boss/vacation guru.

Only fair.

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