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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 07:35 PM
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Kochs celebrating in the streets!

I saw multi-instrumentalist, folksinger and storyteller John McCutcheon...

yesterday at Bartlett Arboretum here in KS. Great great performer, he did about a 2.5 hr set (with break) in 93 degree weather (shaded location). I have seen him several times and this was no less a fantastic show. Look him up on youtube for examples...Woody Guthrie songs, originals, Pete Seeger and others...highly recommend....


Just wondering about the FCC investigation of Stephen Colbert...

Are there any updates to this story?

Happening in Kansas...hmmm


Boss Baby

The new animated movie Boss Baby being released this week featuring Alec Baldwin as the voice of BB. Just thinking that even
though this movie was made before drumph was s/elected that the title alone makes a fitting description of the scpotus.

Thanks for the Hearts...

I'm going through some tough times and it brought some brightness to my day. Thanks much...

Recommended watching: PBS: American Experience, Command and Control

I watched this documentary on PBS last night. It is both very informative and terrifying. We have come close to nuclear disaster many times over. This event was in Arkansas, not far from my current home. I grew up in Kansas and remember some slight mention of a similar incident there back in the 70's. Very scary, especially now that the orange balloon is in charge...

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