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Member since: Mon Nov 12, 2012, 01:42 AM
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fuck cancer

I'm a pacifist, but if cancer were a person I would bone-up on torture techniques for the time we would spend alone after I kidnap it.
Fuck cancer.
This couple has already beat cancer by fighting it and not letting it define and scare them. I hope they have the time of thier lives on the honeymoon and that the doctors are wrong about his prognoses. I have cancer and on 3 different occasions I've been told I only had weeks to live- the first time was in 2003. I'm still kicking around ten years later- still taking chemo and staying optimistic. Even if the cancer takes my life, I still won the war by fighting it in the face of fear, exhaustion and never-ending pain. It has never defined me and never will.
Fuck Cancer.

Teabagger brother and wife same way

I have a brother that is a tried and true fox "news" victim. He's such a right wing dogma oriented person that he claims I am faking having cancer over the last 10 years, 5 different chemotherapies and 4 major life threatening operations. My older brother and his right wing teabagger wife claim it's all a big lie to get attention and disability for me. I've invited him and his wife to speak with my oncologist about thier certainty of me faking serious intestinal cancer- My "brother" and his wife refuse to speak to any of the medical professionals that work with me at the cancer clinic or the surgeons that operated on me; they claim I bribed the oncologist to say I have cancer.
My "brother" and his wife are evil people. My wife and I told him and his wife that they are no longer considered part of our family until they appologize and make amends- they claim we are over-reacting; that it's just a difference of opinion and it shouldnt upset us. This is the problem with Right wing teabagger fox "news" fans; they think everything, including medical facts, are just opinions. The opinion that I would fake this sort of serious illness and pay a bribe to a medical professional to say I have cancer is one of the most offensive and degrading things a person can do to another, let alone a little brother. I miss him sometimes, but not enough to go back to be treated like the scum of the earth. Anyone that accuses a cancer fighter of faking it deserves to be recognized as a particularly nasty person and treated accordingly. My brother and his family are banned from my eventual funeral and any other important milestone in the life of the family my wife and I have created. Sometimes family members grow-up to be toxic and dangerous- the best thing to do is knock the dust from your sandals as you walk away from them.
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