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EPA bars AP, CNN from summit on contaminants

MAY 22, 2018 | 12:05 PM

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency is barring The Associated Press, CNN and the environmental-focused news organization E&E from a national summit on harmful water contaminants.

The EPA blocked the news organizations from attending Tuesday's Washington meeting, convened by EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox told the barred organizations they were not invited and there was no space for them, but gave no indication of why they specifically were barred.

Pruitt told about 200 people at the meeting that dealing with the contaminants is a "national priority."

Guards barred an AP reporter from passing through a security checkpoint inside the building. When the reporter asked to speak to an EPA public-affairs person, the security guards grabbed the reporter by the shoulders and shoved her forcibly out of the EPA building.


* hiding something

Trump administration plans to remove Obama-era restrictions on bear hunting in Alaska

MAY 21, 2018 | 6:45 PM

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is moving to reverse Obama-era rules barring hunters on some public lands in Alaska from baiting bears with bacon and doughnuts and using spotlights to shoot mother bears and their cubs hibernating in dens.

The National Park Service issued notice Monday of its intent to amend regulations for sport hunting and trapping in national preserves to bring the federal rules in line with Alaska state law.

Under the proposed changes hunters will also be allowed to hunt bears with dogs, kill wolves and pups in their dens and use motor boats to shoot swimming caribou.

Expanding hunting rights on federal lands has been a major priority for Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, a former Montana congressman who displays big-game trophies in his office at the department's Washington headquarters.


*The Obama jealousy continues This is just horrible

If you have ShowTime have you watched "The Circus?"

If you don't have it, it's on YouTube too. I subscribed and don't know if I can watch episodes after the first video. Good show, you'll recognize the host. The first episode is free.

Pope Francis to gay man: 'God made you like this and loves you like this'

MAY 21, 2018 | 10:49 AM

Everyone's favorite progressive leader of the Roman Catholic Church is at it again.

In a private meeting two weeks ago, Pope Francis reportedly told a gay man who is a child sex abuse survivor that God created him and that his sexual orientation "does not matter."

Juan Carlos Cruz was victimized as a child by notorious Chilean pedophile Fernando Karadima — who was found guilty of abuse by the Vatican in 2011.

Some of the country's bishops attempted to silence and discredit Cruz's accounts by using his sexuality against him. But Cruz said that the Pope offered him words of empathy and reception.

"He told me, 'Juan Carlos, that you are gay does not matter," Cruz recalled for El País, a Spanish newspaper. "God made you like this and loves you like this and I don't care. The pope loves you like this. You have to be happy with who you are.'"

The church itself has not made any announcements or amendments to its traditional teaching that homosexual sex and any sex outside of marriage is a sin. But Francis has leaned in the direction of acceptance and understanding in the gay community before. His continued tolerant approach suggests that the Pope's own opinion on LGBTQ people may not be in line with the church's more conservative leaders and followers — that being gay is a choice.

The Pope was once a spiritual director in Buenos Aires, Argentina — where he was born — to gay people, when he "likely made similar comments in private," The Guardian reported. And in July 2013, four months after his election as the 266th Pope, Francis replied to a reporter's question about an alleged "gay lobby" inside the Vatican by saying, "Who am I to judge?"

But "His recent comment) goes beyond 'who am I to judge?' to 'you are loved by God,'" The Tablet's Vatican reporter, Christopher Lamb, told The Guardian. "I don't think he has changed church teaching but he's demonstrating an affirmation of gay Catholics, something that has been missing over the years in Rome."

*heads are going to roll on this one

Two American women detained by Border Patrol for speaking Spanish at Montana gas station

MAY 21, 2018 | 1:57 AM

A Montana woman and her friend — both U.S. citizens — attempted to pick up some groceries at a local gas station and ended up being detained by a Border Patrol agent for speaking Spanish.

The agent, who identified himself as "Agent O'Neal," overheard the women picking up eggs and milk and asked for documents, according to KRTV.com.

Ana Suda paid for the items, handed over her identification and then began recording the incident. She asked the agent to explain why he stopped her and her friend.

His response stunned Suda.

Suda then asked the agent if he was racially profiling her and her friend.

"It has nothing to do with that," the officer responded in the video. "It's the fact that it has to do with you guys speaking Spanish in the store, in a state where it's predominantly English-speaking."

Suda, 37, who was born in El Paso, Tex., told The Washington Post she was planning legal action following the incident, which resulted in her and her friend sitting in the gas station parking lot after showing the agent their IDs for an extended time.

"I was so embarrassed...being outside in the gas station, and everybody's looking at you like you're doing something wrong. I don't think speaking Spanish is something criminal, you know?" Suda told The Post. "My friend, she started crying. She didn't stop crying in the truck. And I told her, we are not doing anything wrong."

The incident happened on Wednesday, less than 24 hours before the Madison Ave. meltdown by attorney Aaron Schlossberg who threatened to sic federal immigration officials on workers at a Midtown restaurant because he heard them speaking Spanish.

* We are living in Trump's America. Now it's a crime to speak Spanish in America? Let that sink in. This is going to be a trend. Smh.

No matter...

No matter how many children are gun-downed, no matter how many parents weep for their dead children, no matter how traumatized children are, no matter how many people are shot down and killed, no matter how many demonstrations, sit-ins, marches, protest, no matter how many thoughts and prayers, town hall meetings, letters written...the GOP will never ever change any gun laws. They do not care about the American people. They have made this quite clear.

Trump HHS considers using military bases to house immigrant children

By ABC NEWS May 16, 2018, 6:09 PM ET

Officials from the Department of Health and Human Services are visiting four U.S. military bases in Texas and Arkansas that could be used as additional facilities to house immigrant children forcibly separated from their mothers and fathers – as the parents face prosecution for illegally entering the United States.

*read more at the link


The Army's First Black Nurses Were Relegated to Caring for Nazi Prisoners of War

Prohibited from treating white GIs, the women felt betrayed by the country they sought to serve

By Alexis Clark, Zócalo Public Square
May 15, 2018 1:39PM

On the summer afternoon in 1944 that 23-year-old Elinor Powell walked into the Woolworth’s lunch counter in downtown Phoenix, it never occurred to her that she would be refused service. She was, after all, an officer in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps, serving her country during wartime, and she had grown up in a predominantly white, upwardly mobile Boston suburb that didn’t subject her family to discrimination.

But the waiter who turned Elinor away wasn’t moved by her patriotism. All he saw was her brown skin. It probably never occurred to him that the woman in uniform was from a family that served its country, as Elinor’s father had in the First World War, as well as another relative who had been part of the Union Army during the Civil War. The only thing that counted at that moment—and in that place, where Jim Crow laws remained in force—was the waiter’s perception of a black army nurse as not standing on equal footing with his white customers.

Infuriated and humiliated, Elinor left Woolworth’s and returned to POW Camp Florence, in the Arizona desert. She was stationed there to look after German prisoners of war, who had been captured in Europe and Northern Africa and then sent across the Atlantic Ocean, for detainment in the United States during World War II.

Elinor, like many other black nurses in the Army Nurse Corps, was tasked with caring for German POWs—men who represented Hitler’s racist regime of white supremacy. Though their presence is rarely discussed in American history, from 1942 to 1946, there were 371,683 German POWs scattered across the country in more than 600 camps. Some POWs remained until 1948.....(rest of the article at the link)


Lindsay Graham is not John McCain's friend and never was.

Lindsey Graham: White House should apologize for McCain remark

BY AVERY ANAPOL - 05/13/18 07:21 AM EDT

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said in an interview broadcast Sunday that the White House should apologize for an aide’s derisive comment about Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

Graham told host Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation” that he was not satisfied with how the Trump administration has responded to the remark.

“It's [a] pretty disgusting thing to say,” Graham said. “If it was a joke, it was a terrible joke. I just wish somebody from the White House would tell the country that was inappropriate, that's not who we are in the Trump administration.”.....“It doesn't hurt you at all to do the right thing and to be big,” he said. “[If] somebody in my office said such a thing about somebody, I would apologize on behalf of the office.”......Graham recently spent two days in Arizona with the 81-year-old senator, who is his closest friend in the Senate.

* If you are a true friend, you don't go play golf and have lunch with someone who trashes your friend.


Steve Schmidt could not have said it better...

“We’ve listened to this guy for many, many years in this country on his moral high horse,”. “Assaulting the dignity of gay people, across the board. His moral preening is famous throughout the land.”He is the most obsequious of all of Trump’s cultists in the cabinet,” “We have never seen such slobbering servility by a high government official in this country than we do with Mike Pence and Donald Trump. It is amazing.”


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