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Name: Ed
Gender: Male
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago
Member since: Thu Dec 13, 2012, 05:45 PM
Number of posts: 210

Journal Archives

About Deven Guilford

I used to live about 10 minutes away from where he was killed. Cops out there mess with everybody, except white conservative looking people in nice cars. They pull over young people, people with cars in bad shape, and especially minorities. The thing is that most of the white people in that area supported the cop. I think the cop was way out of line. But you know what? On social media, nobody from the "all lives matter" crowd said a damn thing about that boy being killed. You know who actually stood up and said something on social media? Black Lives Matters activists were the majority of online comments denouncing the officer's actions. You see, when you are white, you can dress a certain way, act a certain way, and assimilate into the white sub-society and fly under the radar. In that area of Michigan (Eaton county) I have been pulled over for no reason by those pricks just because I was with my black and/or Mexican friends. Black and brown people can't fake it. They are profiled by the police constantly ask over America. Especially in their own neighborhoods. But also in rural areas. "You boys don't look like you're from around here" sound familiar? Police brutality affects all of us, regardless of race. But we will never, ever know what it's like to be a minority and face profiling and stereotyping by the police. And it goes to the top of our entire "justice" system.

The shit is stupid

I'm so tired of seeing it. It's like when some stupid fans do some shit and they blame the artist. "Oh another hip hop show ends in gunfire. Let's blame the artist". Fuck that. I've been to hundreds of shows and haven't seen a shootout yet. But people still cling to one incident involving a couple idiot fans and stereotype the artist's fans. Same thing with metal shows too. And sports teams fans. Guess what? The well behaved fans get blamed as well. Then they want the artist to make the fans stay in line. Dumb people do dumb things wherever they are. They don't blame McDonald's (or their garbage food) for all the fights in their "restaurants" do they?

Childish shit. The way people go back and forth on here. Every conversation is
" That reeks of desperation! "
"Stop the presses!"
Smh smh smh smh smh smh smh

We look like an educated bunch note don't we?

Glad my tax dollars have to pay these idiot's bills

And my tax dollars have to pay for the investigation as well. Thanks a lot tea bagging Bible banging hypocrites! That's being fiscally conservative isn't it! This asshole introduced a bill stopping all marriages from being performed except by members of clergy. It was his last ditch effort to stop all those "sinner" homosexuals from getting married. That would have prevented my wife and I from getting married, as we refused to be married in any religious ceremony. Our marriage is rock solid, no religion needed. But they are supporters of "traditional" marriage. These people are married with seven kids between them. What a terrible thing to do to these kids. This Christian conservative hypocrisy occurs so often now people are almost immune to it. For a good laugh though, read the comments on his Facebook page. He got all biblical in his 1,900 word statement, so people are having a field day with it. Many are bringing up Leviticus 20:10. Time to follow your holy book down asshole!
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