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Name: Max
Gender: Do not display
Current location: midwest
Member since: Thu Dec 20, 2012, 10:42 PM
Number of posts: 641

Journal Archives

What would happen in a parallel Ferguson universe?

Dateline Ferguson Missouri Aug 8, 2014:
"A teenager was shot dead by Ferguson police tonight. 18-year old Joshua _______, a white college-bound star football athlete, was shot 7 times by a black police office after a scuffle with officers inside a squad car. It took four hours before the police permitted medical attention for the man who was pronounced dead. A friend claims they were just walking home and the police aggressively accosted both of them."

Aug 10:
Angry white residents demand the police release the name of the officer involved. The police refuse. A few incidents of carloads of white men driving in black neighborhoods with M16s pointed at black residents have been reported. An angry gun-toting white mob has been parked outside of city hall for 48 hours. They threaten to storm and take over the police station.

Aug 13:
A video is released showing Joshua stealing a can of Coors beer from a convenience store. Citizens are outraged that a "boys will be boys" prank justified his murder.

Aug 15: A curfew is announced to curb rioting and to quell the situation. The police are bottled-up inside the station and have received several threats including a possible lynching on the lawn of the accused cop. The national guard has been called in to restore peace.

Any difference.??
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