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Member since: Fri Dec 21, 2012, 11:54 AM
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I just finished a long telephone poll and I can see where the Republicans are going

I've taken telephone polls before, but this one was very long. Having studied Political Science, polling and statistics in college (a hundred years ago!) I was disappointed in the leading questions. Here are some of the things I remember:

First question asked me to tell them the main thing I think about when I think about the Trump Presidency. I said children in cages taken away from their mothers.

They asked about my favorability ratings for "Democrat" candidates. Why can't Republicans call us by our name?
The names they asked about were: Sanders, Harris, Warren, Biden and Ocasio-Cortez. I guess that AOC is the new Nancy Pelosi for Republicans!

They repeatedly asked questions about Trump's various "accomplishments" and I was supposed to choose from wholeheartedly supporting him, or supporting him even though I don't like his style, or not supporting him at all.

Some of the accomplishments they asked about were: the great economy and creating 187,000 jobs here in North Carolina, the 4% unemployment rate, and keeping us safe around the world. (No specifics on that last thing---I guess they couldn't bring up Russia, North Korea, and Denmark!)

There were several questions about North Carolina races...Governor and Senate

At the end the leading questions began:
Would you support a Democrat candidate who wanted to censor their opponents or Trump? I balked at that question and told the surveyor that a Democratic candidate would never do that--that in fact Trump attacks and wants to censor the press and wants to lock up his political opponents. She insisted that I answer the question so I said I would support a Democratic candidate no matter what!

Would you support a Democrat candidate who wanted open borders or Trump?
Would you support a Democrat candidate who wanted Socialism over Capitalism or Trump?
Would you support a Democrat candidate who wanted abortion available up until birth or Trump?
Do you see immigration as a problem with criminals and drugs coming over the border or as people coming into the country taking our jobs or a humanitarian crises?
Do you want to have a wall built on the Mexican border?

They asked for me specifically by name--so my guess is that they're calling North Carolina Democrats.

There were lots of questions about Socialism, abortion, the economy and criminals coming over the border.

Not one question about health care.

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