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Member since: Wed Jan 2, 2013, 05:48 PM
Number of posts: 884

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Great new Lincoln Project ad... Gasping For Air

Well, at least two Republican Senators tested negative

I can just see Putin's reaction now...

Just wait.

Any second now Trump's projection circuit will (mis)fire, and he'll say Biden's shouldn't be president because he got COVID.

And now for some comic relief, Schmoyoho returns with Weird Al filling in for Chris Wallace.

We need to make a point of calling "Stand back, stand by, but" what it WAS.

Best article I've read in a LONG time...

The author addresses a number of critical realities of of our time that I've personally experienced difficulty getting FAR too many of my fellow white folk to even acknowledge, let alone oppose; not because it's conservative, but rather because it's NOT conservatism, it's FASCISM.

Funny how sheep ignore warnings of a wolf in sheep's clothing among them, because hey, it presents as a sheep.

Seriously, this is a profoundly well-reasoned and well-written article.
Please read it.


In the wake of RGB's passing, there is ONE thing we must unite in demanding as Democratic voters.

There must not be any more capitulation on holding presidents (and other high-ranking elected officials) accountable to the rule of law, in the interest of mutual toleration, for the simple reason that mutual toleration is already dead.

It has been dying for my entire adult lifetime, thanks to Fox "News" and other rw media, and it finally breathed its last ragged breath when Trump and his sycophants started chanting "LOCK HER UP".

To fail to recognize this painful fact, and act accordingly, is inexcusable, and we must not tolerate it anymore.

Three of the last four Republican administrations have ended with a Republican president escaping accountability for their very well-documented crimes (Nixon and Watergate, Reagan and Iran-Contra, and Bush 43 and fabricated intelligence), and EVERY time, they were exempted from the rule of law "in the interest of preserving unity".

But that CANNOT work when one Party is devoted not only to intolerance of lawful conduct they don't like on the other side, but ALSO to tolerance of blatantly unlawful conduct they do like, by members of their own; which is what we unquestionably have now. Mutual toleration is only worth sacrificing to preserve as long as it is actually mutual.

This, above all else, must be the pressure we bring to bear upon the next Democratic administration.

The rule of law must be preserved at all costs.

Trump must be tried for his crimes.
As must every elected official who aided and abetted them.

Another great meme...

Meme of the year!

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