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Trailer for today's press conference... George Who?

So that talking point about gun liability insurance not insuring illegal acts...

I know that's the prevailing argument against gun liability insurance being a feasible solution, but I have to wonder exactly how valid that notion actually is. The liability insurance we carry on our vehicles will still cover damages I cause even if I'm found to be driving under the influence, which is of course, illegal. Naturally my insurance rates would then go up, or insurers might then refuse to insure me, but the coverage is not instantly negated by virtue of my having been involved in a crime at the time I caused the injuries against which they are insuring me.

Unless I'm completely wrong on the facts here, I think we need to conclude that this is a bullshit talking point based on an obvious logical fallacy, call it that whenever we encounter it, and explain why it's bullshit and lay bare the logical fallacy.

And I think we do need to demand that carrying liability insurance be a requirement of being allowed to own firearms.
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