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Member since: Wed Jan 2, 2013, 05:48 PM
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So if Bannon was fired over his North Korea comments...

Does that mean we've reached the point where STEVE BANNON got fired for talking sense!?!
What the hell is going on?

Can't wait to read TheFerret's take on this one!

So that white power hand gesture we've been seeing in Charlottesville coverage...

Has anyone with the stomach to sit through the entire Trump presser thought to count the number of times Trump flashed that sign, and the particular parts of the speech during which he did? I caught it during we condemn in the strongest possible terms, this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence" and it raised a question. If he's flashing a sign for white supremacists, is it just a 'go team' kind of thing, or does it have a specific meaning for an occasion. Perhaps in this case, "I don't actually mean this part".

Because if so, the first passage to which I saw him apply it, "I wanna know the facts" seems even more curious.

I cannot believe we are at a point where I have to consider whether my president is literally throwing up signs as covert communication.

"Who did he screw and when did he screw them?"

I think is going to end up being this era's version of "what did he know and when did he know it"

Thinking back over the whole Manafort raid and the mentions we've seen here of the timing of Trump's tweet about transgenders in the military, I don't think the distraction is the real story. I think the real story is the chronological convergence of the FBI raiding Manafort and Trump's Twirade™ against Jeff Sessions.

It strikes me that in the end, we're probably frequently going to be able find the answer to what Trump knew and when he knew it, simply by evaluating who he screwed, and when he screwed them. His obsession with revenge motivates him beyond any measure of self-control he has to leave a trail of fluorescent breadcrumbs, and I think it very possibly just solidified an eventual finding of yet another count of Obstruction of Justice.

FBI searches Manafort's home

So apparently the FBI executed a "no-knock" warrant on one of Manafort's residences on July 26th.
Makes me wonder how we should be re-evaluating everything coming out of the White House since then in light of this new information.

Anyone know more about this?

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