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Member since: Wed Jan 2, 2013, 05:48 PM
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Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings (Angus Dei), sung by one man.

A cool dude and his 18-string bass (triple-course 6-string)...

A most unusual instrument...

Just got my copy of Proof of Collusion!

Wonder how awkward it's going to be trying to strike a balance between reading up on all the crazy shit going on (following DU) and reading up on all the crazy shit that's gone on!

NY 22nd voting report

So turnout here seems to be fairly low. I voted at 12:30 EST, 6.5 hours into voting, and was voter #207. That said, this is my first election living here, so I can't speak to how this year compares to previous years. It's a rural, working class area, so I wouldn't be surprised if turnout is usually highest after work hours.

I'm in a pretty red part of the state, but Claudia Tenney was only leading Anthony Brindisi by one point in the most recent NY Times poll (+- 4.7%). I'm cautiously optimistic.

There was pretty much no line, paper ballots, and the process was efficient.

Overcoming cognitive bias

So here's a video I think everyone should watch, that raises some really interesting concepts about cognitive bias, how hard it can be to overcome, and how easily we can take their effects for granted. I'm pretty sure there are some lessons in here for us about the nature of "aha moments" that we would do well to incorporate into our understanding of "recovering conservatives".

Seth Abramson wins tweet of the day...


So who else had their head explode today...

when tRump said whatever he blathered about President Obama "not being much on filling judicial vacancies"?

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