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Early voting report from Broome County, NY

So today was the first day of early voting in New York.

The wife and I arrived a little after noon. We chose the one closest to us, which is also coincidentally the one in Endicott, which is probably the least densely populated area of the four locations google returned based on our address. We live out in the countryside.

The line stretched about a quarter mile, it took us about 2 hours to get through, and the line was just about as long when we left as when we arrived. No voter intimidation of any kind, or even really any visible party affiliation beyond that declared on the nametags of the personnel working inside the polls (who were all perfectly courteous and professional, and mostly older charming country grandma types), didn't see a single person not wearing a mask, and was pleased that we were using paper ballots.

All in all, a thoroughly satisfactory voting experience, save that I probably should have worn a shirt underneath my open knit sweater, as it was in the mid 40's and we had a good breeze for a while, so it was a tad on the chilly side!

I can't speak to the turnout at either of the early voting locations in Binghamton, which is probably the most densely populated area nearby, but I did hear reports from the couple in front of us in line that the lines were much longer just a couple of miles down the road in Johnson City, circling all the way around Oakdale Mall. And Saturday is a work day for much of this area, so I expect that turnout will probably be considerably higher tomorrow!

Voted for every Dem on the ticket!

On the way home, our daughter had us take the scenic route home, which goes through one of the more affluent areas of town, where I am pleased to report that yard signage was overwhelmingly in support of the Democratic candidates. Fingers crossed that's a good indicator we'll stay rid of Claudia Tenney, and send Anthony Brindisi back to the House again!

VP Debate Songified (Schmoyoho delivers again!)

Great new Lincoln Project ad... Gasping For Air

Well, at least two Republican Senators tested negative

I can just see Putin's reaction now...

Just wait.

Any second now Trump's projection circuit will (mis)fire, and he'll say Biden's shouldn't be president because he got COVID.

And now for some comic relief, Schmoyoho returns with Weird Al filling in for Chris Wallace.

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