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Member since: Wed Jan 2, 2013, 05:48 PM
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A Lego Four Seasons scene?


Full album here:

With AZ called, the time finally came for me to dunk on Trumpers on FB.

Who knew tRump, Pootie, and Un make a kickass prog trio?


Schmoyoho got ahold of the Konspiracy Kook Klergy videos...

Mail in ballots

There were two words that were notably scarce in MVPE Harris's speech tonight...

"I" and "me".
And that was SO refreshing!

Warning. Swallow anything you're drinking.

So my (trepidatious) prediction is 309 - 231 Biden.

Which'll really make me happy, considering Trump's "most impressive biggliest EC win in history" in 2016 was 306 - 232.
So he'll lose by a bigger margin than he won by, and lose the popular vote, too. Again.

So who here remembers Digital Underground?

I think the time is ripe for "Weird Al" and Schmoyoho to do another collab, and make "The Trumpty Dance".
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