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Member since: Wed Jan 2, 2013, 05:48 PM
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Menu for Inauguration Day gala announced.

Lame Duck L'Impeach, with a well-aged white whine.

So here's what pissed me off during Comey's interview...

"They should be brought to justice and punished severely, I'm also against the death penalty, but they should be punished severely, because they were part of a conspiracy that resulted in the murder of a police officer (there's nothing more serious than that) IN an attack on the center of our Democracy."

Ummm.... NO, Mr. Comey.

MUCH more serious than murdering a police officer is even the attempted murder of Democracy ITSELF.

So instead of Y'all Qaeda, how about we call them "Coup Cucks Clan Puppets"?

Or since MAGA loves their acronyms so much, maybe just "CCCP"?
I don't know, it just feels right, on multiple levels.

For any who may be bothered by Ashli Babbitt's story receiving press attention, please consider...

That while we certainly do not want to martyr the woman, the reported aspect of her having been an Obama supporter who switched to Trump because she hated Secretary Clinton does, in fact, have profound relevance, and is something with which we very much need to grapple as a nation.

Her story is, I would argue, the absolute clearest possible demonstration of the extent to which the constant propaganda for political gain, completely unmoored from objective reality (particularly as has been directed at the Clintons for literally my entire adult lifetime) is indeed a demonstrable threat to national security.

Her conduct was reprehensible, of course, and absolutely should not be glorified in any way, but at the same time, it is also the entirely predictable tragic culmination of a problem we have been warning about for decades.

She shouldn't be made into a hero.
But she should be made an example.

She is exactly who we should be pointing to saying, "We told you so", as we decry radicalization, whether willful or negligent.

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