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why there'll always be an England . . .

Last year (gee, I'm late with this) The Tory party's chief whip had to resign due to allegations that he called police officers at Downing St. "plebs". And it's going to court.

I thought that using "plebian" had gone out with Dickens . . .

In America, I think the equivalent would be "redneck", but please correct me if I'm wrong.

The importance of separating legal and social issues in Zimmerman trial.

It's true that the Zimmerman trial involves issues of racism and gun control. These are social issues that need to be debated and resolved in our social arena. However, a trial is based on legal issues only. It deals with this particular instance. By mixing the social and legal issues, the trial is being judged not on what it can and should do but on issues can't deal with. This is a disservice to the du community.

That is not to say that wider issues of racism and gun control should not be discussed here, but it should be clear that one's opinions on the actions of Martin and Zimmerman do not constitute a legal basis for a verdict.

Here is correction:
To defeat self-defense claim

At least one of the following must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt:
1.Zimmerman was committing a forcible felony at the start of the physical conflict with Martin. For example, trying to forcibly detain him.
2.Zimmerman did not have a reasonable fear of great bodily harm at the time he shot Martin.
3.Both a) and b) below must be proven BRD.
a)Zimmerman was the initial provoker of the conflict with Martin.
b)Zimmerman could have safely withdrawn from the fight but chose not to do so.

Also posted is the legal definition of stalking and what evidence is admissible in court.

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