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Member since: Sat Jan 5, 2013, 02:17 PM
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Did you see the Michelle Obama skit on Jimmy Fallon's show this week?

I found the skit distasteful. It could be because I didn't find the jokes funny. But it seems to me that the girls were portrayed without any redeeming qualities. Maybe if I knew some preteens, I would have found it funny.

I wonder what other women felt about it.

Why is Cruz destroying the Republican party?

My take is that he is governed by the hard dominionist view that he is specially chosen by God to Christianize America. Hard dominionism believes that America is or should be not only a nation of Christian values, but that certain people are chosen to take leadership positions in all segments of society to bring about a blessed state that enforces Christian beliefs.

Thus, with his sense of god-given purpose, he knows that whatever he does is the will of God and will lead to the establishment of a theocracy in America.

So he need not worry about compromise or working with others.
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