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Member since: Sat Jan 5, 2013, 02:17 PM
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Why the Democratic nominee should not debate Trump on HIS own terms.

Let's look at how Trump debates: gives only the most vague outlines of policy stances; denies previous statements he has made; and impugns character of opponent. By denying his previous statements were ever made or were suggestions he leaves the democratic nominee with nothing to debate.

So what are the terms under which the democratic nominee can debate Trump?

Trump needs publicly present a list of the policies and how he will implement them that he will debate with the democratic nominee.

It will not make him actually debate his stances but it will give his opponent something that can be attacked.

Next up: Can a sitting president run a casino on the side?

Does anyone know what the options are for avoiding conflicts of interest, corruption?

I think that Trump will self-destruct before November.

His finances, his health (see dr.'s letter), his businesses are all areas where he will be forced to explain his past and he will finally say something that could put a stake through the heart of his campaign. What about his taxes? Is he going to continue to run his empire from the oval office?

I think that the GOP should be prepared to pull a new nominee out of a hat!
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