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Member since: Sat Jan 5, 2013, 01:17 PM
Number of posts: 733

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Are these the emails that Trump is talking about?

"Investigators with the FBI have recovered a trove of personal and work-related Hillary Clinton emails that had been thought to have been deleted and lost from a private computer server, one source familiar with the investigation tells NPR's Carrie Johnson."


At the first sign of violence can the President call a state of emergency

and close down the convention?

Who will do the work if Trump is POTUS??

There is some talk that Pence will do the heavy lifting, but I don't think that he is up to the job of making Trump happy and actually making policy decisions.

So who will be the power behind the throne?

Manafort? It looks as though Trump's choices for cabinet couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag.

trump accuses Obama of helping Al Qaeda re: Breitbart article


Why the Democratic nominee should not debate Trump on HIS own terms.

Let's look at how Trump debates: gives only the most vague outlines of policy stances; denies previous statements he has made; and impugns character of opponent. By denying his previous statements were ever made or were suggestions he leaves the democratic nominee with nothing to debate.

So what are the terms under which the democratic nominee can debate Trump?

Trump needs publicly present a list of the policies and how he will implement them that he will debate with the democratic nominee.

It will not make him actually debate his stances but it will give his opponent something that can be attacked.

Next up: Can a sitting president run a casino on the side?

Does anyone know what the options are for avoiding conflicts of interest, corruption?

I think that Trump will self-destruct before November.

His finances, his health (see dr.'s letter), his businesses are all areas where he will be forced to explain his past and he will finally say something that could put a stake through the heart of his campaign. What about his taxes? Is he going to continue to run his empire from the oval office?

I think that the GOP should be prepared to pull a new nominee out of a hat!

As Repub nominee, Trump will be briefed on top-secret intelligence.

From Digby:

"If he becomes the presidential nominee at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July, hell also obtain something most real-estate developers will never receive: his very own top-secret briefings, delivered by the US intelligence community. And there appears to be little stopping him from repeating to his roaring crowds what he hears there.
That means, if Trump were the nominee, a man famously without filter will be privy to national secrets and compartmentalizing his thoughts from his public utterances has never been one of his strengths. He has tweeted random, and sometimes untrue, items he read on the internet; hes trumpeted false crime statistics; hes even been fine with quoting Benito Mussolini. So far, hes been able to get away with much of it by disavowing responsibility afterward."


At least we now know why Trump gave Katrina Pierson a job . . .

Investigate Trump's medical status!!


The link is to his personal physician's letter attesting to his health.

The dr. sounds exactly like Trump - all hyperbole and no facts. . .

somehow I don't believe it.
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