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Member since: Sat Jan 5, 2013, 01:17 PM
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Can we stop the lie that Trump's crew want but can't hold him back from disastrous statements?

No, Trump is not unhinged.

No, Trump is not stupid.

Yes, he is controlled by the Russians. Everything he does is an attack on our democracy. He wants chaos, confusion and uncertainty. That makes fertile ground for fear mongering and consolidating his power.

He is silencing his enemies; delegitimatizing any other power centers, i.e. media, CIA; providing alternative version of reality.

This is how a dictator gains power. One tweet and a company loses stock value. Companies are now running scared and trying to suck up to Trump. These companies will back Trump in hopes that he will give them unlimited power. But he will use them to fund his wars.

He needs enemies to stay in power so he makes them of the media and the left, immigrants and undocumented. This fear will consolidate his base and lead to martial law. . . .

So don't ask what does Trump mean in any tweet. He means confusion and fear. He has already taken the Republican party and corporations hostage. Next, drop sanctions on Russia.

Trump deflection: why is no one talking about what Lewis said.

Trump pulled another masterful stroke of deflection when he turned Lewis's remark into a rage about Trump's retaliation.

Lewis brought up the question of legitimacy, a question Trump cannot afford to have discussed. By dissing Lewis he changed the topic.

Of course,Trump is not going to actually try to counter any facts about his election and his ties to Russia. In fact, he could settle many questions about his candidacy by openly releasing information about his taxes and businesses. We can't let this question die.

Planning for the downfall of President-elect: Democrats to the rescue.

Investigations will show treasonable action not only by Trump staff but also the RNC. The party will be completely demoralized and in shambles.

The democrats will give Trump the choice of impeachment or resignation. If he resigns terms will be: Pence will become POTUS, all Trump's cabinet nominees will resign, democrats will chose new nominees.

tao of the demagogue: creating chaos, part "why doesn't he have a plan?"

Trump (or should I say Putin) does have a plan: weaken the government. The simplest things that he could have done to even have a functioning administration have not been done. That's the plan. That is why his nominees say that haven't really talked to Trump about his policy on this or that issue. That's why he suddenly wants to push the repeal and replacement of Obamacare even though he knows that it can't be done quickly if at all. It will create chaos in Congress that will divert attention from his conflicts of interest. He has no incentive to even make the republicans look good or actually get anything done.

Once a demagogue has power his main goals are consolidating power and silencing his enemies. The republicans have lost control of the Congress and they will probably have whiplash from trying to follow his lead.

Trump press conference: Will the media get played again?

"general" press conference?

in NYC? Trump Tower lobby ?

Will press get to ask questions?

Will liberal press get to ask questions?

I hope they have plan b when the rug is pulled out from under them.

The tao of the demagogue: destabilizing the government

A demagogue needs to insure that he is the only power source in the country. He must undermine the existing government and chaos is an important tool.

Ambiguity: his pronouncements are deliberately chaotic. There point is not to articulate any policy, but in fact to make sure that no policy is stated, creating fear, uncertainty and misdirection.

Purging the bureaucracy: ridding the civil service of experienced and knowledgeable people and replacing them with people who are loyal to the demagogue.

Disrupting the usual norms and protections:

One example is the Trump's orders to the nuclear security employees and embassy personnel to immediately leave their jobs on inauguration day. There is no gain in vacating these positions without proper transfer of information, etc. This makes these agencies vulnerable to any outside power who wants to exploit American weaknesses.

The tao of the demagogue: the tweet as threat

All demagogues need to consolidate their power and silence their opposition. Scare tactics work best.

Drop a tweet the makes a company lose stock value and you've told every other company that the same could happen to them.

Drop a tweet that incites death threats and you've told every journalist, union leader that they had better think twice about criticizing Trump.

And we can see that this is working with journalists and companies. The media hesitates to "seem" biased. The companies let Trump take credit for imaginary job growth.

These tweets need to be called out for what they are. When one person has the power to kill a company or a person by what they say, we are all at risk.

Is there a way to stop the confirmation of nominees who have not received the

certification from the OGE? It sounds like the nominees are required to have this certification before their Senate hearings. Is this just another "norm" that the Republicans can ignore?
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