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Snowden NSA Leaks: Bolivian Presidential Flight Reveals More Partners In Global Turnkey-Tyrannny

Portugal, France, and Italy have demonstrated that they are firm supporters of the Turnkey Tyranny of which Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, Mark Klein, and others have revealed. To spite the hubub over the bugging of EU facilities by the NSA, these three European nations have shown their support, and their likely involvement, in Washington's program to monitor the private communications and relationships of every person on Earth. After false rumors that Edward Snowden was on the Bolivian Presidential jet, they immediately denied permission for the plane to land and refuel. According to Bolivian officials, the lives of the crew, and President Morales, were put in jeopardy. This is the behavior we would expect from criminals - co-conspirators - attempting to cover up their crimes.

We should not allow ourselves to be distracted by any rhetoric their politicians spout regarding the NSA's violations of the right to privacy of every human being on Earth - or even of EU facilities; certainly they are happy to have help spying on their own bureaucrats - who knows when one of them might grow a spine and a conscience and become a "problem" for them. When suspicions rose that Mr. Snowden might be successfully finding a safe place from where he can continue to reveal their machinations against humanity, these nations' rulers showed where their loyalties lay - with Tyranny approaching and even surpassing, in some respects, the levels Orwell prophesied in 1984 - and firmly against the freedoms of which their leaders give continuous, sanctimonious lip-service.

The USA and other nations engaging in the bugging of their citizens, and anyone else in the world they can catch in their digital-nets, is cloaked under the mask of "national security." It is nothing of the sort. So-called "national security" is nothing but a euphemism for "Transnational Corporate Interests." These are the "interests" for which wars are fought, and drones bomb weddings; for which the death-squads of Latin America slaughtered entire villages of Native Americans seeking to retain control of their ancestral lands, and for which the CIA-supported Jihadi Murder Gangs of the Middle East continue to slaughter Arab secularists, Alawites, and Christians.

The end-goal is always the same - to control natural resources, land, and labor - to keep the labor cheap for Transnational Exploitation, the resources available for extraction without any hindrance from the "peons" who happen to live there, and the land under the control of Elites, who can use food-shortages as a weapon to control people and overthrow any 'troublemaker' governments who dare to represent 'human' interests (see Venezuela). When citizens of the USA are being transformed from middle-class homeowners to landless-renters, 'their' former homes snatched up by Wall St, and when citizens of the European Union's poorer nations are having the pensions they worked and paid for stripped under the lie of so-called 'austerity', there is a real potential of backlash against their self-appointed kleptocratic rulers - Land-'Lord'-banksters, and resource-thieves.

Knowing what individuals are discussing and organizing - any and all efforts to resist Transnational Corporate Tyranny - is of the greatest importance to these Crony Mafia-type Elites. The NSA, GCHQ in Britain, their sister agencies such as the CIA, and similar criminal-organizations in other nations, have as their highest priority, service to these Tyrants of Globalization. As well, the think-tanks, NGOs, and Foundations operate as masked-tentacles of their power - using a shield of "good works" as public-relations-cover in their long-drive to destroy human rights forever and replace them with transitory "government privileges," to be metered by the governments, national and international, which they ultimately control.

When the airplane of President Morales of Bolivia was diverted, it was the Transnational Corporations of the world who were calling the shots. With each step in the Snowden case, it is revealed with perfect clarity precisely which persons and nations are willing to forfeit their 'humanitarian cover' to protect their Ruler's globally-stolen loot - revealing themselves as nothing but pawns of the Transnational Corporate Machine of Tyranny.

The story of the Bolvian President's flight was reported here and here.
Posted by HumansAndResources | Wed Jul 3, 2013, 03:08 AM (4 replies)
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