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The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons

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Killer Mike is not very big

Sorry. I have no idea why people think he is some superstar with black people. Heck, we care more about Drake, and he's canadian. Many rappers focus on political and social issues. That's what rap started out as. 'Dont push me cause I' close to the edge. We're trying hard not to lose our heads, ah ha ha ha." That is discussing poverty in the Ghetto. Police violence. Society. Our place in it. As do many songs. Rap is political. Even gangster rap. Some people do not listen to what is being said properly because they do not have the vernacular to understand the layers of meaning. The nuances.

Now Hip Hop? Blingy, but still catches the state of Black america. So, I think maybe you need to go back and look at the History of Rap. Tupac was talking politics and social justice in his stuff 23 years ago and is still more popular than killer mike.

What? Is what what I want?

Honesty and integrity? People who say what they mean not play stupid games and make constant swipes at the black community? People to not rewirite history in favor of their ideology? For people to stop pretending MLK was this feel good race consoler rather than the BLACK REVOLUTIONARY he was? For them to stop erasing his fight for racial equality in favor of this 'he fought the oligarchy so they killed him' fantasy? For them to stop acting like the real fight was against the oligarchy like our racial struggles are nothing in comparison and already finished and done? Yeah. That's what I want. Will it happen? Hell no.
People are going to co opt and steal the legacy of black americans in order to give themselves ownership over our history without any damn recognition of how fake and pathetic it is to force themselves in somewhere and into something that was not done for them or by them for the most part. They will give themselves a staring role in the history of blacks as the benefactor and the saviour, roles they never ever ever played in real life. They will tell themselves the little changes do not matter, and THEY DON'T - to them. To us, it is straight up theft, erasure, and the need to center themselves in a position of prominence no matter who they have to piss off and disgust to do it. And with the force of numbers they have gotten their way. Not around me though. I am a black revolutionary thinker too. And i abhor the misuse of the black peoples struggle and legacy to prop up a candidate, and I resent the effort to tell us we have no place being disgusted and enraged.

Enjoy this. It is nasty and it will not be a winning effort. But it will be remembered.

Ten Ways (not all!) White Liberals Perpetuate Racism


Denying we could ever have racist thoughts, or that we reap the benefits as a member of the majority race, is a common defense of liberal White Americans. By denying the existence of our racist thoughts, we negate the depth of the racial divide.

"But I don't even see color."

As if by being color-blind we can resolve the racial pain people of color live out. Pendler and Beverly note, "An inability to be open to the possibility that the experience of the other could be valid is a consistent element of white supremacy."

2. Shame & Hurt:

When focus remains on the White person, and our emotional wounds, this is classic deflection and redirection.

"I'm so embarrassed I said that!"

This common phrase can be heard when something hurtful may have been said to a person of color. The truly injured party, however, remains unrecognized. By having the courage to confront a racial slight, a person of color is made to feel that they have misread us, or hurt our feelings.

We might also say: "I'm hurt that you think of me like that." This further draws the attention back to us, and away from the real issue of pain felt by the person of color. When sympathy transfers to the white person, no awareness or learning occurs. No trust is built.

Try this next time you're confronted with something insensitive: "I hear how my words or actions hurt you. Thank you for pointing that out to me."


MLK felt that his allies were hard to deal with since they were in wait mode.

They wanted him to wait wait wait wait for equality. And look!! We are still waiting. Imagine that.

This is not hectoring.

This is being brutally honest. If folks cannot handle honesty and bluntness then they are hiding from reality. My reality in this natuon is not theirs. The fact the they want me to view life from their perspective and ignore my own is very selfish.
My purpose in life is not to make people feel better about the oppression tossed towards my people, but to highlight it and say how fucked up it is. It should make them stop, think, put theirselves in my skin for a second and look at the world through my eyes. It will upset them. It is supposed to. It is liberating for all of us.

The point is not to offer up views as to why the black perspective is wrong or to find arguments aginst intersectionality or to appropriate bits of black history and culture for themselves. The point is to respect it and to give us space to voice our concerns and support US, not always having to be the ones that get to have a say OVER us, and set the agenda, and the rules, and to decide, and tell us what we should think or see or know or care about or understand.


Well, I just report the facts!!! Some get angry, but I can live with that.

Revisionist history, co opting, and much much more!

Sanders Invokes MLK Legacy as He Aims for Black Votes

Campaigning in the slain civil rights leader's hometown of Atlanta on Monday, Sanders paid his respect at the slain civil rights leader's crypt and visited privately with one of King's children, Bernice King, at the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change.

After the meeting, Sanders said Martin Luther King Jr. has been "an inspiration to me for my entire life," not just for his work to end racial segregation but because of his demands often less remembered for economic opportunity for all Americans, the central them of Sanders' presidential campaign.

Sanders, a 74-year-old who participated in the famous 1963 march that concluded with King's "I Have a Dream" speech, noted that the event was officially "The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom."

"Sometimes people forget he was assassinated because he stood up with sanitation workers fighting for decent wages and decent working conditions," Sanders said, referring to King being shot in 1968 in Memphis, where he went to support striking workers.

I just want to note, MLK Jr was fighting for BLACK sanitation workers to have the same pay and treatment as WHITE sanitation workers. People sanitize history and try to co opt our movements and leaders at times. We see through that. We know. You can look it up on the google.


Damn straight.

Putting this in my journal.

I feel offended. Period. Blacks do not do that to other blacks and still feel proud.

I never do it and I damn sure do not like it done to me by a total stranger who I do not know. If that is ones feeling then perhaps one should not post the link to ones twitter and then post that about people immediately afterwards; it might prevent the Hubaloo. That is a nasty intraracial bullying mechanism when blacks who feel superior look down on other blacks and use racist language to perpetuate stereotypes. Often there are those who would suround themselves with whites and be the person saying the racial language to kudos from their white friends which just shows it to be total projection.

I do not approve of this any more than I did when Cornel West did it to many accolades and praises- not from BLACKS, we did not praise him.
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