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The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons

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I will because it is true and they are to dishonest to admit they messed up.

They instead want to blame the messenger, get all passive aggressive and self righteous and look bad. Article after article has been written about their behaivior but yet and still, they think they are the victims and rest of us just too stupid to understand the gift of Bernie. If anything has turned me off it is the way folks who were cool before lost it and started sniping at me one by one until I just have to shoo them away like FLIES. One by one they come to insult me and play passive aggressive games and then wonder why I say what I say. It is because of how they turned so fast. How nasty they got. How they refuse to even see what they look like. How they STILL come at me one by one with nasty insults and pat themselves on the back like they did the right thing. Like I deserve it. Like I am not even a real person. Hmm. Yeah. It looks good. One by one sniping at the same black lady day after day with the insults. Nothing to see here folks! She's bullying us singlehandedly.

Straight up I asked if that was his reason, why didn't he call for a primary of Mr. DLC.?

What's up with that? Clinton was to the RIGHT of Obama, why no call for orimary? I am telling you how it looks to US. Funny that it can look fine and dandy to you, but oppressed minorities might have a complex, huh? So tell me that. Why? No? Call? For? Primary? Of? Clinton?

Ain't no need to undermine his postions with African Americans at all. Because he has no position with us. Got it? He has no position with us. He has built NO relationships with our community so I have no idea why y'all think he is all up in our good graces. Besides, with his grassroots going all out on BLM this Summer? All we gotta do is watch them continue undermining their own candidate. They are GOOD at it. I was a supporter until all those BLM posts and race nagging posts and race baiter posts and the letters sent to my home from a self described fan. They are doing the undermining FOR ME. Think on it. We see them and think they got their marching orders from HIM. We are not pleased or amused.

The actions of a few? Ok. So, you guys just let a FEW bad apples ruin the whole thing and never thought about getting rid of them instead of expecting the rest of us to fight through the garbage to get to the wonderful Bernie. Hahahahaha! My godness! That is soo funny!! We should FIGHT his Grassroots for the chance to be on his team and completely uncomfortable. No. He should be a leader.

But we know he damn sure thought it was a good idea!!

Our minds fill in the blanks as to WHY. We do not care what he says the reason was. And looking at the BLM thing this Summer, why do you think we think he said it would be a good idea? Many of us believe him. Most of the rest of us wont, since they do not follow politics. It would be up to the ones who do (PEOPLE LIKE ME) to straighten them out on their notions. We have no reason to correct the record on Bernie. Not after the way we have been 'corrected' so much by his grassroots. (I WILL NOT CORRECT ANYTHING, NOT MY JOB)

Trip this. Bernie screwed up.

Bernie thought people would vote strictly based on policy. He thought wrong. He thought he could come back to the black community after 40 years and get votes based off of what he did in the 60s and a few votes here and there for welfare. He was wrong. His grass roots thought they could change our minds by innundating us with Pro Bernie with MLK spam. They were wrong. They thought they could harass our protestors and our civil rights acitivist and shame them into not bugging Bernie. They were wrong. They still think harassing and bugging us and constantly 'correcting the record on Bernie' would be helpful and not crossing any boundaries. They are wrong.
They think they can be rude and uncivil, but since they are self righteous in the rightness, they think that their rightness is a shield to hide their rudeness behind and would save them from the disgust of those they bother. Wrong.

Some sometimes seem to think that piling up on me and harassing me one by one will help Bernie get more recognition. Wrong. Will shut me up. Wrong. Will slow this slide down. Wrong.
I remember saying stfu, nobody listened. Best advice I ever gave.

Who is this racist?

And do you want us blacks to give Bernie a PARADE for all he's done for us?

I have been experiencing racism since I was in diapers. And PROTESTING THAT!!

I was far less safe in my protest of racism than most whites since I was the one in danger and the one experiencing it.
I find it amusing to get race lectures from people who never experience racism. It is like they think their marching or protesting matters more than the day to day crap I go through and speak up on constantly. Like they feel blacker than me or in a position above me that they have no qualms over 'lecturing' black folks on race and civil rights and protesting. Sad, because it comes off as paternalistic and rude. Maybe a bit bigoted. Like they think that they as whites are better able to reason or that their white selfs protesting matters far more than the black selfs who protest just, because they are white. I think that's why some keep reminding blacks about Bernie marching for THEIR rights. See? He did not have to do you this wonderful favor you ungrateful blacks, is what I hear everytime. Many of us do. That is why Berniesoblack happened.

I approve this message!


I remember you saying this!!!!

Terrorists. I will add it to my list of slurs against BLM. Thanks.

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